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Get Into Nuclear Business Update

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We see our website,, as the doorway to the nuclear industry. We provide information on the nuclear industry, the pros and cons of the technology, the future of nuclear within the net-zero agenda, and the availability of opportunities for work. Once we have sparked an interest to want to get into nuclear, we provide the means to get into nuclear via Get Into Nuclear Jobs and Get Into Nuclear Business.

Get Into Nuclear

Business Update

You may have seen the recent announcement from Energy Jobline sharing that we have formed a partnership. As a result, we can give our site visitors access to opportunities in the nuclear industry via job board ads, mailing lists, an extensive CV database, social media campaigns and our 'Nuclear Source and Screen' recruitment service.

This is very exciting. In fact, it is one of many partnerships being formed in our growing partner network. This enables us to offer to the nuclear industry:

  • Business advertising

  • Job advertising

  • Recruitment services

  • Social media management

  • Email marketing

  • Live online broadcasting events

  • Pre-career meetups

  • Magazine features

  • Access to Training Courses

  • Business Development and Tendering Support

  • Social Value and Sustainability Advice

Get Into Nuclear Jobs

Our Get Into Nuclear Jobs section is all about providing career advice, access to training courses, sharing live jobs opportunities and helping people to find a job in nuclear.

Some of our partners helping individuals get into nuclear include APMG,, QA, Energy Jobline, IDN, and others.

Get Into Nuclear Jobs

Get Into Nuclear Business

Our Get Into Nuclear Business section is about helping a business, agency, consultant, or influencer get into nuclear. We do this by providing business development and tendering support, access to social value and sustainability consultants, providing marketing support and offering a complete recruitment services.

Some of our partners helping businesses get into nuclear include Envis, Energy Jobline, Nuclear Jobs, Social Value Business, Skills Viewpoint, Present Works, Westlakes Recruit, Business Winning Coaches, etc.

Get Into Nuclear Business
Our website aims to provide a means to get into nuclear for EVERYONE - indivdual and enterprise.

Through our partner network, we can offer discounts such as a 25% discount for job advertisements on or a free business profile on LearnLive. We are in discussions regarding similar offers from training providers for those looking to upskill.

Get Into Nuclear

We feel that we are uniquely positioned to support future generations by helping the nuclear industry provide a secure, reliable, sustainable environment.

We do this by creating an open industry, raising awareness and advocating for the use of nuclear energy as a clean energy source in a net-zero world and developing an interest in wanting to get into nuclear.

We utilise our partner network to provide everything that you need to get into nuclear. This enables individuals to upskill or find a new career and business or agencies to find or increase their work in the nuclear industry. This ultimately achieves our goal of providing the nuclear industry with the capability and capacity needed to provide a safe, secure and sustainable environment for future generations.

How Can You Help Us?

In general, anyone can help by;

  • Simply following, sharing, liking, subscribing to all of our content. This will be a huge help in spreading the word of the opportunities available in nuclear.

  • Additionally, anyone interested in writing content for the site - career advice, nuclear definitions, company updates - is more than welcome to.

  • Also, feedback - good or bad - on the site itself is very much appreciated.

How Can We Help You?

If you are an individual looking to get into nuclear, please visit and use the site as intended. Furthermore, don't hesitate to contact us directly with any queries, questions, issues; we loved interacting and helping people looking to get into nuclear.

If you are a business, agency or influencer looking to focus on nuclear, please;

  • Check out the informational pages on the site to familiarise yourself with the industry and where you think that your organisation could fit or grow. Once you are interested in getting into nuclear, then continue below.

  • Please use the site, follow the links and feel free to contact any of the featured companies for support or advice in a particular field that you would like some assistance with.

  • If you would like a discussion or more direct support from Get Into Nuclear, please feel free to contact us to arrange a call to discuss how we can help your company with recruitment, business development, tendering, social impact or marketing to help you to get into nuclear.


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