What we bring

We solve the problems that matter to nuclear employers across the globe. Attracting talent, creating content, media marketing, D&I strategies, storytelling, experiences, and events are what we do.

What we bring is an unmatched passion for the nuclear industry and a belief in the positive impact that it can provide in terms of Environment, Social and Governance perspective. 

We achieve this by using our extensive partner network to provide unique solutions to deliver a measurable impact for you.

inclusion and diversity in the nuclear industry

By creating an industry for all


Diversity & Inclusion

We can diversify your workforce and help you become a place where absolutely everyone can contribute, develop and belong.

Additionally, everything we do as part of our partnering packages will donate to the Inclusion and Diversity Nuclear non-profit.

Full resourcing solution


Recruitment Offering

Through our exclusive partner network, we are able to bring you services to help you gain immediate access to thousands of candidates looking to get into nuclear.​

  • Job advertising

  • Recruitment services

  • Social media managementEmail marketing

  • Live online broadcasting events

  • Pre-career meetups

  • Magazine features

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advice

Tell your nuclear career story

By story telling


Career Stories

Our 'How Did You Get Into Nuclear' articles are the backbone of our website. By telling the diverse and interesting career stories of those that already work in your business, you provide an emotional bond with the reader leading to a much more engaged reader, and hopefully soon-to-be employee.

By getting the attention of the right people


Attraction Campaign

Early awareness, inspiration, education, application, sourcing and screening. We provide the full or any part of the talent attraction lifecycle to suit your needs and complement your existing marketing and recruitment endeavours.

Attract new talent into nuclear

By creating impactful experiences


Live broadcasts directly into the classroom.

We can help you inspire the next generation through our partner network through engaging and interactive live broadcasts directly into the classroom. Communicating in an exciting way to schools and colleges across the UK ensures the delivery of the key messages of your business in real-time.

Through Media Marketing


Content and Social Media

It is imperative that a company be active on social media or run the risk of becoming irrelevant in the marketplace. We can help with content strategy, content production, and social media management. Audio, visual and video.

social media marketing for the nuclear industry

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  • We know that nuclear employers have many vacancies in nuclear right now. There is competition in the industry, from external sectors (HS2, Water etc.), impacts of IR35 and many current workers approaching retirement.

  • We know that nuclear industry employers continue to strive to create an inclusive sector providing more diversity across the workforce creating a means to bring new perspectives and drive innovation.

  • As such the industry needs to cast a wider net and seek to recruit top-class talent from new resource pools.

  • GetIntoNuclear.com and our marketing campaigns attract new, diverse candidates looking to get into nuclear. NuclearJobs.co.uk provides a means to advertise nuclear jobs on a niche jobs board and EnergyJobline.com provides access to the largest collection of energy professionals across the globe.

  • Additionally, through our Source & Screen offering, you could allow speedier hires due to the ability to filter suitable candidates more quickly.


...to start the conversation


Get in touch via any of our social media channels, mail@getintonuclear.com or our contact page