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Nuclear CV Database


We are helping to resource the nuclear industry to do our part in ensuring that the UK remains safe, secure and powered. is uniquely positioned in that we work for the nuclear industry. We support nuclear industry employers, in attracting top talent from outside of the sector.


Through our partnership with Energy Jobline, we are able to offer nuclear employers immediate access to a resource pool of over 1.2 million energy professionals with skills transferable into nuclear.

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The Nuclear Industry is finding it increasingly difficult to attract and recruit new talent in the current climate. The employment market is extremely buoyant at the moment and it is no longer possible for nuclear employers to rely upon the natural churn of the current nuclear workforce. 

Access to a new, diverse talent that have transferrable skills applicable to the nuclear industry. We believe that access to this new database will bring not just the candidates themselves, but new ideas, innovation and best practices from other sectors.

In fact, we believe in this offering so much that, an exclusive offer whenever you enter a subscription through Get Into Nuclear, we will make a donation to Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear in the name of your business helping to generate social value across the whole industry.

Key Take-aways:

  • The nuclear industry is finding it difficult to attract new, diverse talent.

  • Nuclear employers are looking for new approaches to casting a wider net in the resource pool.

  • We provide immediate access to over 1.2m energy professionals from across the globe.

  • Exclusive bonus: we make a donation to Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear.

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