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The Nuclear Launchpad

The Nuclear Launchpad




Get Into Nuclear, is a comprehensive careers hub dedicated to the nuclear industry. Our primary goal is to attract new-to-nuclear candidates to the nuclear sector and provide them with the necessary support and resources.

With a proven track record of helping thousands of people with career advice and assisting hundreds of individuals in finding work in the nuclear industry, we are excited to announce our new webinar series - Nuclear Launchpad.

This webinar series aims to provide more in-depth information on your specific company and your roles within the nuclear industry. We will showcase the career journeys of your employees and direct interested candidates to your specific job board to apply for your live job vacancies.

This is a direct way to attract new, diverse talent at pace!

  • Our webinar series, "Nuclear Launchpad: Igniting Your Career into the Nuclear Industry," is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the nuclear sector. Each episode of the webinar series will feature a specific company within the industry and highlight their unique roles and career paths.


    Our webinar series will provide valuable information on the following topics:

    • The roles available within the nuclear industry and how to get started in the field. 
    • The skills and qualifications required for success in the industry.
    • Tips and advice for navigating the job search process and succeeding in interviews. 
    • Real-life career stories from people working in the nuclear  sector, including their backgrounds, challenges, and successes.
    • An overview of the company sponsoring in the webinar, including their culture, values, and career opportunities. 
    • Information on how to apply for jobs within the featured company, including tips for crafting a successful application.


    By attending our "Nuclear Launchpad" webinar series, participants will gain valuable insights and guidance on how to start or advance their careers in the nuclear industry. 


    Our goal is to provide a platform for candidates to learn about the industry, connect with employers, and ignite their careers into the nuclear industry.

Contact us if you need an invoice.

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