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Nuclear is one of the most exciting sectors right now. The nuclear energy sector is busy developing new power plants whilst working to decommission the old ones. There are exciting developments with small modular reactors attracting large commercial investments and nuclear fusion innovations. There is also much work ongoing to maintain the nuclear deterrent.


All of this creates a huge opportunity to win work in the nuclear industry accross the globe.

Image by NASA

Business Development

The business development department is the heartbeat of any organisation, and this is certainly true within the nuclear industry. 

Traditionally to win work in the nuclear industry, companies would attend networking events and register on the tendering systems of the key players in the industry and bid for relevant work as we made available. 

This is still the case in the main, and with the nuclear industry evolving into a faster-paced industry than in previous years it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up to date with opportunities to win work.

Additionally, we are finding that with the increased pace of the industry, the new flurry of innovation and commercial opportunities there is increasing ways to win new business by the more traditional routes that businesses and agencies will be familiar with.

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