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We offer a site that gives you everything you need to get into nuclear...


Whether you're a business looking to win work, someone looking for a job, an influencer wanting to focus on nuclear, a non-profit organisation, a recruiter wanting to specialise in nuclear or a training provider waiting to deliver skills workshops...


Whatever it is, we can help you Get Into Nuclear.

Nuclear Event of the Week

Nuclear EQ Technical Forum

Career Hub

Learn how you can get into nuclear using our quick and easy-to-use nuclear career hub.

  • Read about other peoples career stories.

  • Understand the different types of jobs in nuclear.

  • Learn how you can utilise your transferrable skills.

  • Apply for nuclear jobs online.

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Learn about the opportunities to upskill and reskill yourself to put yourself in a position to find work in nuclear.

  • Skills assessments

  • Training Providers and Courses

  • The Fragile Jobs


The place to find out all about Marketing, Social Media, Events, Advertising and Podcasts.

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Events

  • Brands

Brainstorming Session

Tenders / Projects

A directory of live opportunities to tender to work on projects/gigs. 

  • Tender Marketplace

  • Project Opportunities

  • Tender Businesses

Live Support

Mobile Phone

We are developing a way for you to ask your questions to our panel of experts live. Be you individual looking for work, a business looking to diversify, an agency looking to expand, or an influencer looking to focus on nuclear.

In the meantime, check our guides to how to use out site.

Social Value

Discover how the nuclear industry can create a positive social impact as part of its day-to-day delivery.

  • Define Social Value

  • Search the Social Value Marketplace

  • Find volunteers and initiatives to support

How Can We Help?

We're best known for our How Did You Get Into Nuclear articles. But that is not all that we do.

We provide you with a directory of nuclear employers, nuclear recruiters. And nuclear job boards. We are share information on how you can upskill and reskill yourself. We also provide info on the latest tenders and project opportunities in the nuclear industry and provide a directory of agencies to work with to help your business improve its marketing, increase social media presence, improve your chances of winning work and demonstrate social value to the broader community

Our independent and impartial advice gives you clear information, so you can decide if a career in the nuclear industry is for you or not. No one should leave the site feeling that they are excluded from a job in nuclear.