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Nuclear Package

Despite the nuclear industry's numerous benefits, such as generating clean energy without carbon emissions, providing abundant job opportunities, fostering a multi-billion-pound supply chain, offering well-paid long-term employment, and driving technological innovation, it still struggles to attract diverse candidates and fresh talent. stands out as the premier entry point into the nuclear industry for those currently working in other sectors.

Our mission is clear: to support individuals, businesses, agencies, and influencers in entering the nuclear industry.

Nuclear Energy.png

Through rigorous experimentation, we have identified the most successful approach to addressing the nuclear industry's challenge. This has meant the development of a partner network around our website and amplifying our current efforts, including:


  • Enhancing the industry's visibility and reputation

  • Debunking misconceptions and myths surrounding nuclear

  • Raising awareness about the abundance of job opportunities

  • Providing a clear pathway for individuals to enter the nuclear field

To enable us to provide you with access to a new, diverse resource pool, we are offering an annual package that allows us to provide you with a return in the form of promotion, job advertising and, most importantly, Social Value that you can attribute to your business, projects and tendering activities. 

Attract new talent into nuclear
Tell your nuclear career story

Our Annual Subscription Package includes...

  • Partner Profile on the website

  • Career Story articles about your employees

  • Gi2N Social Media posts

  • Job advertisements

  • Career talks broadcast live into classrooms

  • Job advertisements broadcast via video

  • Donation to Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear

  • Annual Social Value statement with case studies

  • The potential to earn an average of 7x in Social Value

Just £3,500.00 (+VAT)

Just one hire on the back of working with us, and the package has paid for itself twice over!

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