Nuclear Package is uniquely placed as the gateway to the nuclear industry. Our purpose is simple, to help individuals, businesses, agencies and influencers to get into nuclear.

​The Nuclear Industry is finding it difficult to recruit new, diverse candidates and attract a fresh supply chain despite;

  • Generating carbon-free Clean Energy.

  • Providing many outstanding job opportunities.

  • Creating multi-billions in possibilities for the supply chain.

  • Offering long-term well-paid jobs.

  • Being at the heart of technological innovation.

Nuclear Energy.png

We have tried and tested many ways to best help the nuclear industry with the above issues. The most effective way to do this is to grow an organisation around our website and do more of what we are already doing; 

  • raising the profile of the industry,

  • dispelling the myths,

  • increasing awareness of work opportunities, and

  • providing a path to getting into nuclear. 

Rather than seek sponsorship, we are offering an annual package that allows us to provide you with a return in the form of promotion, free job advertising and, most importantly, Social Value that you can attribute to your business, project and tendering activities. 

Attract new talent into nuclear
Tell your nuclear career story

Annual Subscription Package

  • Partner Profile on the website

  • 3x Career Story articles about your employees (£180)

  • Weekly (52) Gi2N Social Media posts (£2,500)

  • 25 job advertisements on (£1,125)

  • One-off Live Career Broadcast using Learn Live UK (£2,500)

  • Donation to Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear (£350)

  • Annual Social Value statement with case studies

Total value of £6,655 plus 10x Social Value potential...

Just £3,500 +VAT