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The UK Nuclear Industry

The UK Nuclear Industry is, as you could image a quite complex arena. However, here at Get Into Nuclear we have provided all of the links links to the key resource that will allow you to get a full picture of the industry.

In previous versions of we provided information on the industry. However, since this time the nuclear industry has gotten much better at being able to provide this information itself. The information that you need to be fully informormed about the nuclear industry can be found at:

National Skills Academy for Nuclear:

- Find out more about NSAN and the work that they do and read their mission, vision and value 

- You can read up the latest news on NSAN and the nuclear industry

- Check out below for training and career advice provided by the NSAN

Nuclear Industry Association:

- Read up on who the NIA are, their objectives and how they are going to a achieve this

- Rediscover Nuclear and learn more about how nuclear energy is a low carbon, reliable, home-grown source of power 

- Learn about the Nuclear Sector Deal and how the NIA are providing support

- The NIA provide you with an overview of the current Nuclear Industry Issues

- Find out about the Structure of the Civil Nuclear Industry;  companies, bodies, trade unions, regulators and government.

- Read up on some interesting and useful Nuclear Energy Facts

- Check out below for training and career advice provided by the NIA UK

Nuclear Skills Strategy Group:

- Gain an understanding of why the NSSG are here

- Learn about the NSSG Strategy Plan

- And how this strategy aligns with the Nuclear Sector Deal

- The annual Nuclear Worker Assessment provide a forecast of skills supply and demand in the sector

- There is a great Nuclear Timeline giving an overview of key nuclear industry milestones past and future

- Check out below for training and career advice provided by the NIA UK

Nuclear Industry Resources

Key Nuclear Bodies





Get Into Nuclear













Nuclear Events



Get Into Nuclear

Above you can find all the information that you need to about the UK Nuclear Industry and the key events for you to attend to put yourself in a position to mingle and network with key decision makers. Below you will find links to where you can find out more about how you can get into nuclear:



- NSAN provides nuclear specific courses and solutions aimed at helping you to get into nuclear


- The NIA has great information on some of the skills needed to work in the nuclear industry with information on STEM, skills development, apprenticeships and degree courses.


- The NSSG supports the National College for Nuclear (NCfN) endorsed curriculum. The recently released curriculum helps to cement the role of the NCfN and supports transferees from other sectors which are seen as an important supply to meet the skills demand. 



- You can find more about Careers in the nuclear industry in the UK

- The NS4P provides a means to be approved to work in the nuclear industry

- NSAN has some fantastic information on Apprenticeships in the nuclear industry

- The NSAN nuclear jobs board provides job adverts for any of their members


- The Apprenticeship Map from the NSSG give you all the information that you need if you are interested in an  apprenticeship in the nuclear industry.

- Also from the NSSG you have Nuclear Career Pathways which groups typical pathways into the most common roles within the nuclear industry. You are sure to find something that matches your transferable skills.

Nuclear Jobs By Function

As an alternative to looking for a specific role it is often a good idea to find live job advertisements as a means to identify the skills and qualifications required to land yourself a role. You could simply checking out or do some 'googling' of live opportunities using our get into nuclear jobs search tool. You can also check out our Nuclear Jobs of the Week posts which do the analysis for you and provide you with guidance on your next steps to take to find you way to get into nuclear. 

Nuclear Events

Okay, before jumping onto job search sites and throwing your CV at the wall hoping it will stick it is important that you understand the roles, the skills, the qualifications and training available to you to land your perfect role for you within the UK Nuclear Industry - have the ability to meet the vetting requirements? Then there is a role for you!


However, to be successful in finding that perfect role you need to demonstrate that you are a Suitably Qualified and Experienced Person (SQEP) - you'll hear that term used a lot.

Where To Find Nuclear Jobs