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Updated: Jan 27

Get Into Nuclear helps businesses create a positive social impact through as part of their existing practices. This helps to provide and demonstrate social value and social mobility.

How we provide social value

We help nuclear employers through the services that we provide:

  • Producing informative blog posts,

  • Creating nuclear employer profiles,

  • Sharing career advice on the Get Into Nuclear Careers Hub,

  • Broadcasting directly into classrooms with Nuclear Live,

  • Creating a targeted social impact strategy and

  • Posting live job opportunities on the Get Into Nuclear Jobs Board.

These, in turn, allow nuclear employers to generate:

  • Awareness of their company and the work that they do,

  • A positive perception of the nuclear industry,

  • A desire from people to want to work in nuclear,

  • Learning of young people about the nuclear industry,

  • Marketing to the audience that will have the most to gain, and

  • Helping provide a one-stop-shop for all nuclear jobs.

This creates the following benefits as part of a company’s social impact strategy:

  • Improves the perception of the nuclear industry based on facts,

  • Increases the number of job applicants into the industry,

  • Increases the number of course sign-ups in STEM and nuclear specific topics,

  • Provides social mobility in targeted areas,

  • Provides social value as part of existing practices, and

  • Demonstrates an overall Corporate Social Responsibility.

Let’s try and bring this to life by providing some examples:

A nuclear company can generate content for a blog post, create a nuclear employer profile or share information on our nuclear careers hub. This helps to raise awareness of their company, improves the perceptions of the industry, and inspires people to want to work in nuclear. This in turn increases the number of STEM course sign-ups in the targetted area. Ultimately this leads to increased job applications for long-term well-paid work. Therefore, the nuclear company have created upward Social Mobility and Social Value to the surrounding area.

As another example, broadcasting directly into classrooms with Nuclear Live educates young people and inspires them to want to work in nuclear. This will again lead to more STEM course sign-ups and ultimately better paying jobs for the targeted community. The results are inline with good Corporate Social Responsibility.

Finally, implementing a targeted attraction campaign will get the attention of the young people and potential sector jumpers. Targeting will ensure that your message is received by the people that have the most to gain socially and economically from landing a nuclear job. Providing access to live nuclear jobs to those inspired to want to work in nuclear generates social value and social mobility as part of a company’s social impact strategy.

The Importance of Social Value In the Nuclear Industry

We all understand how important Social Value is for the impacted community. It is also equally valuable to any Business.

Social Impact is the consequence of changes associated with any company undertaking a project. Social Value is the resulting benefits (positive and negative) of the alterations associated with the project.

Social Value helps to improve the bond between employees and their employers, boosts morale, and ultimately makes everyone involved in the endeavour more in touch with the project's overall outcomes.

Many nuclear, commercial competitions include social impact questions as part of the tender process. This ensures that social impact benefits will be realised upon completion of the works. The winning supplier will need to provide details of how they will provide social value and demonstrate the assurance that they can deliver them.

Get in touch at to find out more about how we can become part of your nuclear business' or organisations Social Impact Strategy.

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