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Source & Screen


We are doing our part to ensure the UK remains safe, secure and sustainable by helping to resource the nuclear industry to deliver on its promises of providing clean energy now and for future generations.

Get Into Nuclear is uniquely positioned in that we work for the nuclear industry. We support nuclear industry employers in attracting top talent from outside the sector.


And, through our partnership with a multi-sector technical recruiter, we can offer nuclear employers immediate access to a resource pool of technical specialists with skills transferable to nuclear.

We specialise if locating those hard-to-find technical candidates for your nuclear business!

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Image by Scott Graham

We allow nuclear employers to fish from a different resource pool providing the best new-to-nuclear candidates with transferrable skills looking to sector jump into the nuclear industry.

With a team of technical recruiters at our service, you get the benefit of a team with the experience of locating candidates to your specific requirements and the knowledge and experience of working in the nuclear sector.

Add in our in-house marketing & sourcing team and we are able to successfully deliver a solution that defines your recruitment needs and proactively source, screen and present the top calibre candidates the nuclear industry requires.  

Our clients choose our Source & Screen service because:

  • Get Into Nuclear work on behalf of the nuclear industry - i.e. we bring a different approach to recruiting into nuclear

  • We work with a best-in-class technical recruiter that services multiple regulated industries

  • We provide a bespoke solution that will save time and money 

  • Hand over those recruitment process headaches to us to manage

  • Proven track record of success in recruiting technical professionals globally

  • Extensive reach to millions of potential nuclear candidates to fill your hard-to-find vacancies

  • With dedicated, experienced professionals to work with your hiring managers, our recruitment and marketing professionals can provide a service that promotes your company and brand and manages the full source and selection process.


We are currently working with several clients on projects, so if you would like more information or to discuss this further, please let us know.

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