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Why work in nuclear?

There are many career paths you can take. The aim of Get Into Nuclear is not to try to talk you into working in nuclear, but for everyone that visits out the website to leave with the understanding that there are career options for them in nuclear, should they choose to pursue them.

Creating an industry that is open to all!

As a worker in the nuclear industry, you will become part of a community that is making the world a better place. Not just for now but for future generations by helping provide a safe, secure, sustainable environment.

The demand for workers in the industry has never been higher, and the range of roles available means that you don't need to have a PhD or Chemistry Degree to apply.

Lab Coat not required!

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"Anyone considering a role in the nuclear industry should appreciate how open and inviting the community is. They will build a career and friends for life."

Build For The Future


"The nuclear industry offers a means to provide you with meaningful, well-paid, long-term work. In return, you help to sector deliver on its promises of a sustainable future."

Transfer your skills and passions

Things to consider...


Nuclear Employees in the UK


Avg. Nuclear Engineer salary

2000 - 3000

New workers needed every year

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There are many routes into the nuclear industry

We can forgive you for thinking that if you don't have a PhD, there isn't a role for you in the nuclear industry. However, this could not be further from the truth.

✅ 80% of roles require 'non-nuclear' skills - e.g. scaffolder, electrician, mechanical engineer. 

✅ Your transferable skills are in demand right now.

✅ On-the-job training is provided - so don't be frightened to apply.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

The answer, for the most part, is exactly as you would in a similar job in another industry. Therefore, if you are already working in another industry, there is a great chance of you landing a new job in the nuclear sector. 

To take this further and assess the exact skills for the types of jobs that you will be looking to apply, we have created a guide to skills mapping. This will allow you to assess your skills and experience against the many roles available to allow you to build a career in nuclear. 

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"Whilst nuclear may not look to be the obvious sector to jump into, take some time to speak to others in the industry and consider the transferable skills you have. This industry is always looking for new leaders and new thinkers."

It's the time to jump into nuclear

Mike LLWR Site Director-4.jpeg

"Nuclear is a very proud, almost family-like community of highly varied professions. I am passionate about nuclear new build and the positive impact it could have on achieving net-zero."

Don't be intimidated

Where do I start?

This is the question we are most asked - and the original reason we created the website.

"How do I get into nuclear?"

The answer to this question varies dependant upon where you are in your career journey and will be answered through our six-step process to get into nuclear.

6-Steps To Get Into Nuclear.

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Get free one-to-one support

Whether you are interested in the industry, or you're ready to apply, we're always happy to have a 20 mins chat with you. Get in touch via our contact form to schedule.

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