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What Is Nuclear

What is nuclear?

Learn about the UK nuclear industry. Gain the knowledge you need to be entirely up to speed with the sector you are looking to join. We have provided links to industry bodies, places to upskill and where to find career advice. 

Learn the basics of the technology. You certainly don't need a PhD to understand that a nuclear power plant is basically a large kettle. We provide explainer videos and links to further information if you want to delve deeper into the details.

Nuclear energy is often depicted as hazardous, dirty and unsafe. This could not be further from the truth. Find out how nuclear power has the lowest lifecycle carbon footprint of any electricity source and requires a small amount of land.

New reactor designs mean nuclear can do more to cut carbon and fight climate change. New small reactors, large reactors, advanced reactors, and fusion technology are all on the way. It is an exciting time for the nuclear industry.

From an energy production perspective, nuclear energy is pretty good at what it does. It uses the least land, produces the lowest carbon, and creates the most power. Find out how else we can use Nuclear Energy.

The nuclear industry is not only for people wearing lab coats and holding test tubes. There is a vast number of roles available, requiring a wide range of skills and experience. Find out more about the roles and the skills required.

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