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9 Jobs in Nuclear for ex-Sportsmen and Sportswomen

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

There a numerous ex-sportmen and women already working within the nuclear industry and there remains ample opportunity for others to join them. Below is a list of 7 roles that would suit them in the UK Nuclear Industry.

1. Business Development Manager / Sales Manager:

Sportspeople who have made it to a high level in sport have encountered many "no's" throughout their time in sport and are used to taking the knocks and getting back up. This reliance along with passion, conviction and perseverance will help you go a long way with customers and clients when working in Business Development in the UK Nuclear Market.

2. Nuclear Recruiter:

Athletes are used to analysing a lot of data in a split second and making decisions based on apparent strengths and weaknesses of a potential candidate. They are usually confident in there decisions and know all too well the importance of preparation before 'game day'. These are fantastic qualities in a successful recruiter in the nuclear industry.

The skills learned naturally when playing sports at a high level over the years mean that you have a natural ability to communicate and motivate a team. Sportsmen and women also have the ability to monitor and analyse performance based upon clear parameters and goals. These skills are higher transferrable as a Nuclear Supply Chain Manager.

4. System Analyst:

The ability of being able to look at a situation and provide a strategy based a holistic approach allows athletes to succeed in these roles. Understanding every facet of a business, the challenges, the goals and the competition are all skill developed over year playing sports.

5. Marketing Manager:

Sport is all about teamwork. A group of individuals coming together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is at the heart of marketing with the ability to cooperate with others with a knack for selling and an ability to adapt quickly makes a career in marketing a great option. If you have been a pro-athlete you will have public relations experience that will set you apart from anyone else in the workforce.

5. General Manager:

Used to following a 'playbook', understanding tactics and strategy and having the ability to follow these to the letter whilst leading other are fantastic qualities of someone who has played sport at the high level. A manager running a department, division or facility is responsible for maintaining a business' mission by following and leading by using established processes and procedures.

The requirements of a project manager within the nuclear industry requires that you have the ability to manage and deliver a specific mission within a specific timeframe. Sportsmen and sportswomen a fully conversant with working in and leading a team. Working with sport psychologists and knowing how various people tick will massively help in the role of a Nuclear Project Manager.

7. Coach / Trainer

Never really losing that competitive spirit and working with coaches for many years as an athlete you will have a seen and been on the receiving end of various teaching strategies on how to effectively develop individuals. Additionally the time and effort it takes to plan for a lesson is similar to that of preparation for a game. For many this is a great match post sporting career. Further to this many sportspeople, particularly professionals have received training in public speaking and presenting.


There is a website set up to help ex-professional sportspeople if you are now, or have you ever been involved in professional, semi-professional or full time sport. Visit

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