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From Sales to Personal Development Coach in Nuclear

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Kathryn Jackson

Personal Development Coach

Kathryn Jackson Coaching

Kathryn works as a personal development coach in which she aims to support people in being the best they can be.

Through Kathryn Jackson Coaching, she will create the safe space you or your team need. Take the time to explore personal or professional challenges, consider new working methods, and encourage the first step to the desired goal or dream.

Kathryn works with individuals and teams to develop confidence, drive performance, maintain optimal wellbeing and build resilience to face the world.


Before you read on - we have created an email course to guide you through the process of defining your career path into the nuclear industry. Check it out below:


Early Years

Having been born in Essex, we moved to Reading at the age of 7 and spent my primary and secondary schooling in that area. I was certainly not very confident at school, but I had a great group of friends and was supported enough to get through school OK.

There were no flying colours in terms of exams, and I had no real career aspirations when I left school, but I knew I wanted to be around people. I loved photography and sport and enjoyed all things creative at school. Having self-doubt about my abilities, I decided not to go to University. Still, I stayed in the 6th form to study business for a year, which was a great foundation for building my confidence.

Getting Into Nuclear

I've steered through a few rough seas throughout my career. When I eventually started my first job, I remember feeling proud for getting out into the world of work and earning some money. I spent time in the fitness industry, some time in sales and recruitment, where I set up my first business.

Due to a personal situation, I decided to close my business down, and I "fell" into the nuclear industry. My first role was in Recruitment/Training on the Operations side, which gave me the first insight into the amazing people in this industry. I started to develop a network that is still with me to this day, my treasure.

Perceptions Of The Nuclear Industry

To be totally honest, I had no perception and little awareness of the nuclear industry. I recall it taking some six months to really grasp the surroundings and culture. Some 18 years on, I've worked on some high profile projects, in some really exciting roles and with some amazing people. Whilst not every day has been "rosy", I often reflect on what I have had the opportunity to do and my successes in an industry I knew little about.

Advice To Someone Just Starting A Career

I would suggest they take time to understand what they are passionate about, what they enjoy, and their personal values. This really helped me take a leap of faith to set up my second business, which has been the best job ever. I now have the confidence and awareness to be myself and support others to be the same.

In addition to this, always remember that when you start out, life is not about the destination but more about the journey. My journey has given me the resilience and experience to do what I am doing now and in an industry that offers so much.

Advice To Your Younger Self

I would advise myself to take small steps, do the things that give you joy and regularly reflect to allow you to build upon each stage of your career. You can lose so much insight and awareness of yourself through going too fast and not looking back from time to time.

Advice For Sector Jumpers

Whilst nuclear may not look to be the obvious sector to jump into, take some time to speak to others in the industry and consider the transferable skills you have. This industry is always looking for new leaders and new thinkers. I believe that the nuclear industry needs ideas and best practices from other industries more than ever before. So now is the time to make that jump.

Final Thoughts

Having worked for a few organisations in the industry and now supporting the industry's supply chain businesses, I would remind people that the network you can gain in this industry is fantastic and will support your career and development.


Thanks so much for telling your career story, Kathryn. It is interesting to learn about how you fell into nuclear and how you have brought your transferable skills, positive attitude and willingness to help others into the sector to create a positive impact on all that you have been involved in. We have no doubt that this will continue, and we wish you every success.

If you would like to find out more about Kathryn, you can find her on LinkedIn and find out more about Kathryn Jackson Coaching on her website.


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