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The original Get Into Nuclear website was launched five years ago and has grown organically to become one of the most loved go-to websites for individual, businesses, agencies and influencers, across the globe looking to get into nuclear. With a full website update, Get Into Nuclear was relaunched in 2020. We're best known for our 'So How Did You Get Into Nuclear' articles and Nuclear Career Hub. As an intermediary for the nuclear industry, we do so much more.

We provide a directory of nuclear employers, nuclear recruiters, and nuclear job boards, as well as training providers and courses and a marketplace for businesses such as marketing agencies, events facilitators, Business Development and Tendering companies and social value support.

We don’t advise you or provide a recommendation, but we provide clear information to help anyone looking to get into nuclear. However, we offer bespoke support for yourself, your business, your agency and influencers interested in focussing on nuclear. 

Who is Get Into Nuclear?

What products and services does Get Into Nuclear Provide?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to find a job they are good at, love the worlds' needs, and something they are paid well to do. We believe that the nuclear industry can provide just that. We understand that your career is important to you but that you don't have the time to consider every job in every sector. Let us do the hard work for you. We're constantly improving our service to make using Get Into Nuclear as quick and easy as possible, like proving the facts of the industry, categorising the roles and skills needed and sharing information on where to upskill and apply. 

Get Into Nuclear provides links to the following products and services:

  • Job Boards

  • Recruiters

  • Employers

  • Training Providers

  • Training Courses

  • CV Review

  • Career Guidance

  • Event Planners

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Social Value Initiatives

  • Nuclear Advocates

  • Nuclear Business Clusters

How does Get Into Nuclear make money?

We make money when we find our customers a new training or job opportunity. For example, each time someone applies for a job or signs-up for a training course, having found the opportunity through us, we get paid a fee - through a % commission or advertising flat fee. See the table below for more details.

The service is free to use and the fee we receive does not affect you. The listings in our directories are from readily available information and are not paid for by any suppliers. Any item that has been paid to promote will be clearly marked on the website. 

Career Services:

How Paid Business.png
How Paid Career.png

Business Support Services:

Who does Get Into Nuclear work with?

We strive to work with most of the nuclear industries top suppliers across the globe. However, today (5th May 2021) we are still developing and building the site so our directories don't include every supplier. What we can guarantee is that anyone business, service, agency, recruiter or influencer reference on our site meets our strict partner criteria.

For career guidance, as we build the site we work with the major global authorities and recognised brands to build our directory to give you the widest view of the market. Some suppliers choose not to offer their services through our site, therefore we can't offer you any discounts or promotional offers. We will, however, provide you with a link to their site.

For business support, we provide a directory of any products or services that we deem to be relevant to a business working in, or looking to get into nuclear. Although no formal vetting process is undertaken by Get Into Nuclear, all of the businesses listed in the directories are known by us, our partners or we have seen credible case studies of work that they have done. Any negative feedback received will be reviewed by us and we reserve the right to remove them from the site.

Find out more about our Partners.

Can I trust the information that you provide?

While Get Into Nuclear does get paid a fee for advertisements, promotions and sales, this does not affect the information that we provide in our pursuit of creating an industry that is open to all. When you map your career journey through our site and decide or not to pursue a nuclear career, we'll provide you with the means to make this a reality. The site is structured in such a way that we put you in the driving seat for how you wish to proceed. 

We work with many businesses, agencies, and recruiters in the nuclear industry, across a wide variety of products and services, but we can't guarantee that we have all the bases covered. However, we have scoured the globe using our experience and network to provide you with a fantastic choice, with little effort on your part. You can use this time to focus on the application process itself.

What now?

If you are an individual looking for a job - start at our Nuclear Jobs page.

If you are a business, agency, recruiter, influencer looking to grow your business:

  1. Ensure your business is included in our Employer, Recruiter, Job Board, Marketing Agency, Event Planner or Social Value Initiative marketplace directories

  2. Check out ways that you can showcase your business, products and services within our marketplace, or consider becoming one of our partners.