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Our Mission Statement

"With everything we do, we aim to challenge the status quo around getting into nuclear. 

Our services bring new approaches to placing individuals and businesses in front of nuclear opportunities and helping to open the door for them. 

We provide individuals with employment services and nuclear employers with marketing services to help bring new, diverse talent into the nuclear industry."

Since 2017 has grown organically to become one of the most loved go-to websites for individuals, businesses, agencies and influencers across the globe who are looking to get into nuclear.

We're best known for our 'So, How Did You Get Into Nuclear?' articles and Nuclear Career Hub.


However, as an Employment Marketing Agency for the nuclear industry, we do so much more.

Our first objective is to raise the profile of the nuclear industry.


We do this by attracting attention through our online and social media presence. We also bring nuclear to the fore of conversation through guest appearances at events, on podcasts and the campaigns that we run with our nuclear employer partners.

Our second objective is to use this attention to provide information about the nuclear industry and its technology. Although we advocate for the use of nuclear, there is no spin here, just the facts.

Our final objective is to create an industry that is open to everyone. We provide career advice and direction to anyone interested in finding out more about the opportunities in nuclear and work with nuclear employers to make the industry more accessible than ever.

"When I left school, nuclear was not a viable career path for me."
"Isn't nuclear unsafe and bad for the environment?"
"I don't have a PhD, so can’t work in nuclear."
"Although I had the skills, I was rejected for a role as I do not have nuclear experience."
None of the above statements are acceptable anymore! This is what we aim to solve.

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