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5 reasons why a professional CV is a worthwhile investment and 1 reason why it may not be...

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The competition to land your next role is high so having a CV that sets you apart is essential, especially when you are considering a role in the nuclear industry. As a result, it is no surprise that more and more you see people investing in a professionally written CV.

Why is it that people are willing to pay for such a service?

Nuclear CV

Increase awareness and your personal brand

You may not consider it so but a strong, succinct CV will ultimately increase your chances of getting noticed by nuclear employers. The job market is notoriously fierce, hence why your CV should be your ultimate marketing document and the centrepiece of your personal brand. However, developing a winning CV takes time and objectivity. Therefore, it’s often logical to pass the responsibility of such an important document to an external yet experienced professional that specialises in CV writing.

An aide-memoire to your interview

With a professional CV by your side, you’ll be able to outline your expertise and experience more clearly during an interview. It will act as a great reference point when preparing to meet with nuclear recruiters and employers by outlining the highlights of your career. As an added bonus, it is often that people actually sit back and realise what they are actually capable of when their CV is re-developed and formatted correctly by someone else.

The picture on the box

Your CV is often the only way to truly sell your abilities and suitability for a role in the nuclear industry. It is the shop window that will be perused by recruiters or nuclear companies alike. A bad CV could not only prohibit you from landing your perfect role but could even tarnish your reputation within the nuclear sector and recruitment community. A clumsy, lengthy and uninviting CV will often have more of a detrimental impact than many assume. How often are you enticed to buy something, or not, based on the picture, not the box?

Nuclear Interviews

Return on investment

Ordering the services of a professionally written CV is a very small investment in the grand scheme of things. When you consider what you could earn if you land your dream role then paying for a CV that ticks every box is a no brainer. You spend your wages on a whole host of different things, so why not invest in yourself and your career? After all, you do spend the majority of your entire life at work so it should be a place where you want to be being paid a salary that you deserve.

Reverse Engineering by the Experts

Knowing what nuclear recruiters are looking for and the tools they often use to sift through CVs isn’t easy. CV writers know all about this and have the knowledge of exactly what should be included in your CV. With backgrounds in HR and recruitment, they’ll craft a document that won’t be tossed aside. Seeking help isn’t admitting defeat, in fact, getting help from professionals that specialise in CV writing and know the tricks to improve your chances of success is an extremely logical move.


Do you. Find your voice

All this being said it is only you that can create a document that is truly written in your voice. Many recruiters claim that they can tell if a CV has been written by a professional. Sometimes they can tell from the design and format. Sometimes it becomes apparent in the interview when there are inconsistencies between the words in the document and the way it is being talked about. That puts people off. It makes them think there’s is something odd, strange or funny going on, and that doesn’t help you when they are making a decision.


Nuclear CV Writing Service


So in summary there are definitely benefits to be had by having your CV at least independently reviewed by someone who has experience working in an HR type role. If you do get your CV reviewed for 'free' by an expert please expect them to come back with improvements that they can complete through their paid CV writing service. That being said as can be seen above they are some very good benefits to paying for this service when looking for that new role. It will be a small investment in the grand scheme of things.

Our recommendation would be, if you feel that you would benefit from the services of a CV writer, to request that as part of the service you provide some background information to give them a flavour of your writing style. Then once you receive the document produced professionally, review it and maybe add your own slant where the language or wording isn't quite in line with your own choice of words or style.

The perfect CV will get you the interview, it's the interview and your personality that will get you the job.


At Get Into Nuclear we are aspiring to turn the recruitment process on its head by providing the best service to both yourself as a candidate and the nuclear employers looking for people just like you.

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