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Why diversity is key for the UK nuclear workforce strategy

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

NSSG Chair Fiona Rayment speaking at Nuclear 2018 today (Image: NIA)

The Updated Strategic Skills Plan, launched today at the UK Nuclear Industry Association's Nuclear 2018 conference in London, sets out how the NSSG is continuing to build such a sustained pipeline of trained employees. The update reflects insights from members of the NSSG - an industry-led strategic group of employers, government and trade unions representing both the civil and defence sectors - and new intelligence, risks and evidence that have arisen since the group's original Strategic Plan was published in 2016.

A significant recent development is the UK's Nuclear Sector Deal, which was published earlier this year. Developed under the stewardship of the Nuclear Industry Council, this is a commitment by the UK's nuclear sector to work collectively, with support from government, to deliver on the government's 2017 Industrial Strategy, drive clean growth throughout the economy and make civil nuclear power an integral part of the UK’s energy future. The NSSG's updated plan outlines how the targets under the People element of the Nuclear Sector Deal will be delivered.

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