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Information Technology and UK Nuclear Industry

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Information Technology is a very broad function covering tasks and roles from web development, programming, database management, network management to data security any many many more.

Nuclear Information Technology

Get Into IT ...

As with all of our information here at Get Into Nuclear the aim is to not re-invent the wheel, as all of the information is already out there, but to provide a route for you to easily locate, understand and more importantly take action to find yourself your dream role in one of the most exciting industries in the world at this moment in time. With this in mind below are a couple of site to give you a brief overview of the Information Technology arena, the roles available and the skills and qualifications that would be required.

For a brief overview and some key guidance you can find an awesome couple of posts from all around How to get into IT and IT industry job descriptions.

It's also worth heading over to and have a look at their information technology section which has a look of info on the sectors, the jobs, the training and course available to you.

Get Into Nuclear ...

Now that you have it nailed which part of the IT field you fit you need to consider how you can apply these skills into the nuclear industry.

Nuclear IT

Firstly, a big requirement that you need to satisfy are the added vetting that is apparent within the nuclear industry - this is covered in a separate post. Dependant upon the type of work, the company, the customer and the location so the works there will be varying levels of vetting and you will need to be able to satisfy these to land a role within the industry.

Additionally, it should also be noted that security within the UK nuclear industry is very stringent and is probably set to become even more so. Experience of work in industries that have similar security issues and have a strong governance in place will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Roles ...

At the time of writing when searching "nuclear information technology" on one of the major recruiting sites the first three jobs you'll find are:

IT Manager, IT Support Technician and IT Security Officer. Each of these have differing roles and responsibilities for obvious reasons but the key differentiating requirements for the role for a similar role in a different industry are any specific experience surrounding the roles e.g. the particular companies system or processes and any specific vetting requirements.

Where to go from here ...

This is all dependant upon your current qualifications, skills and experience: if you have extensive experience of working int he IT function but not necessarily in the UK Nuclear Industry you can check our out jobs page to find out what roles are going at this moment in time.

Nuclear IT Jobs

If you have limited experience and are just starting out you can still check out the current jobs page and have a look at the work available in the industry and also the associated salaries as this make be the deciding factor if you want to pursue a career down this path.

Alternatively, if you have limited or not experience and want to find out more information on the qualifications and courses available to you check out the website here to find out more information. We will be creating our own GetIntoNuclear specific pages in the near future; if you want to be informed when you do please register at our Contact Page.

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