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A Journalist in a Challenging and Fulfilling Nuclear Industry

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Pavel Alexandrovich Yakovlev

Editor-in-chief and founder, "Nuclear 2.0"

Pavel Yakovlev
Presenting Russian-English “Nuclear and environmental safety” journal at a scientific conference in Moscow, Russia

Starting work in the nuclear industry in 2006 as an editor of a scientific journal on radioactive waste management, in 2008 I created the "Russian nuclear community" website, which is known today as "Nuclear 2.0". It is the most visited independent website about nuclear energy and radiation technologies on the Russian-speaking web right now, accumulating well over 4 000 unique visitors per day. In total there are over 110 000 original and non-original articles from Russian and international sources, which are all conveniently tagged in large interactive knowledge databases by general topics, keywords, geography, involved personalities, organisations and events.

To have more outreach and take advantage of the very effective and popular video format I am also involved in running a scientific Youtube channel with over 400 videos and also am publishing once per month now electronic journal “Nuclear and environmental safety” on all aspects of safety management in the nuclear industry. Overall our “Nuclear 2.0” independent communicational project is a comprehensive and popular source of open well-edited information and daily news for both the nuclear industry, the interested public, business and governmental organisations, students and the international community.

Pavel Yakovlev
Talking live on “Russia Today” about nuclear energy

Perhaps due to being born in a financially poor family, I have always been studious. From an early age growing up in Moscow I was an exemplary student, participating in many extracurricular activities such as chess school, international history club, different academic competitions for school children, and regularly went to basketball or general youth camps for the entire summer.

On the back of my academic and sporting background at the age of 15, I was fortunate enough to become an International Rotary Club youth exchange student. The experience was a fantastic opportunity to live for a year with a beautiful host family in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA. My academic success continued in the local city high school, and at the age of 16, I was awarded a four-year full scholarship to the University of Virginia’s College at Wise, where I majored in Political Science and minored in History.

Pavel Yakovlev
Dormitory room at the UVA-Wise campus, Virginia

Two years after returning to Russia in 2004, together with my sister and my mother, who was previously a long time editor-in-chief of a corporate journal for the state Low-Level Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility in the Moscow region, we co-founded an independent scientific information agency. Me and my sister intended to help our mother continue her work in solving important environmental, communicational, scientific and human resources challenges of the nuclear industry.

From 2006 to 2014 our agency overall has published 30 issues in the International Russian-English journal "Nuclear and Environmental Safety", which was entirely devoted to radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management, complex safety of all nuclear-related facilities, oversight and emergency response, decommissioning and remediation of historical legacy, education and training, public dialogue and international cooperation. It was a fully international science and technology journal, and we even had the IAEA, the EBRD and several US companies among our regular subscribers.

Pavel Yakovlev
At state Low-Level Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility “RADON” in Moscow region

I am very passionate and serious about my field of work being the Editor-in-chief and founder of the informational portal “Nuclear 2.0”. My biggest passion for the nuclear industry is what it offers career-wise to the modern young generation. Nuclear provides a challenging and fulfilling path that incorporates leading-edge technological, managerial, environmental and cultural advancements for our civilisation to successfully advance forward, with even the possibility of colonising other planets and stars! Not many other industries provide such opportunities to make a real difference.

Finally, I got to love the job of a scientific journalist, where I continuously learn to excel in creating high-quality publications in different media formats for various companies in the nuclear sector. It allows me both to have an income and be of use to the talented and dedicated teams of specialists and scientists who are doing innovative and important work for our society, future generations and the environment.

Pavel Yakovlev
Round table at the International Forum “ATOMEXPO-2012” with Rosatom’s Sergei Novikov and ex-editor of “World Nuclear News” Jeremy Gordon.


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