How Did You Get Into Nuclear? - Grow And Professionally Develop Within The Nuclear Industry

Updated: Mar 3

Shantelle Awomoyi

Graduate Engineer


I am a graduate engineer working for EASL an engineering consultancy based in Altrincham. I joined in September 2019 and since then, have grown and professionally developed within the nuclear industry. I studied Materials Science and Engineering with Corrosion at The University of Manchester where I achieved a master’s degree, along with the highest grades on the course.

I chose to become an engineer as I’ve always wanted to effect positive change in the world; as an engineer I get the chance to help solve complex problems. I’ve always had a large focus on energy as it is integral to all of our lives. With my materials background I have a special interest in Corrosion, which is an ever-prevalent problem in the industry.

It is a great honour of mine to be a female working in the nuclear industry. My line manager is an extremely successful female engineer who inspires me every day to follow in her footsteps and become a role model to younger engineers.

The advice I would give to somebody considering changing industries is that if you enjoy doing complex tasks, then the nuclear industry is for you. You also get the opportunity to work internationally at the same time as developing your career. Finally, if you are passionate about the environment, you will be contributing to carbon free energy and solving the nuclear waste challenge.