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Savvy Guest

Digital enabled Marketplace where employers host pre-career conversations with wider communities aimed at improving EDI

Savvy Guest

More About Us.

Savvy Guest - A digital enabled marketplace for employers to host pre-career conversation with wider communities. A solution aimed at improving
Adult Career Advice / Career Equity/ Measurable Outcomes for Equality and Inclusion.

Our platform, enables career-seekers to browse and apply for opportunities to have virtual or face to face pre-career meetups with company employees. Our service is available to the adult community with no upper age limit.

Savvy Guest has revolutionised the way in which we seek careers advice. Thanks to company's, employees are now offering their time and sharing their personal tips and advice to help others understand real job expectations.

Our Internal Career Insight Programme - offers a managed virtual employee engagement solution to enhance; career pathways and learning and development for employees.

We have the capability to offer a clear digital measurable strategy which can help build on; employee engagement for virtual and lateral career progression, equality in recruitment and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Virtual engagement means location is no longer a barrier and our services now have international reach.

It provides an innovative way for individuals to explore their current skill set and decide whether they are transferable in different sectors.

Savvy Guest is a versatile model which appeals to multiple demographics, from college students, graduates, professionals and the unemployed eager to see what other sectors and industries could benefit from their unique set of transferable skills.

The website is a unified hub that brings together a culture of collaboration amongst companies, employees and the communities they serve.

We're a big supporter of Corporate Responsibility. We aim to be recognised as a primary contributor to a company's core strategy and commitment to CR, social mobility and creating social capital.

Before you go - we have created an email course to guide you through the process of defining your career path into the nuclear industry. Check it out: FREE Six-Steps To Get Into Nuclear

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