Our Client Services

Get Into Nuclear is uniquely positioned to inspire people to want to join the nuclear industry. We do this by:

  • raising the profile of the nuclear industry,

  • providing factual information on the sector,

  • telling inspirational stories of how others got into nuclear,

  • making the industry accessible to EVERYONE,

  • helping people to identify and showcase their transferable skills,

  • sharing information on courses available to up-skill,

  • providing a place to search for jobs.


All this enables the delivery of well paid jobs to a new resource pool. This demonstrates that the nuclear industry provides social mobility and social value as part of the delivery of nuclear projects.

Want to win work in the nuclear industry...

Nuclear Social Impact & DEI

Helping you to demonstrate the positive Social Impact that your business is making. We help you to provide better paying jobs to people regardless of background, address or disability.

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Want to increase you social prescence...

Nuclear Launchpad

Enabling the UK nuclear industry to be all that it can be by providing a voice to dispel the myths and perceptions of the sector making the industry and individual nuclear businesses more attractive in the process.

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Have roles to recruit...

Get Into Nuclear Jobs

Looking for a larger volume of broader skill-set candidates then the more expensive generic jobs boards are for you. However, looking for a smaller number of specific skill-set candidates advertise with us.

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Inspire a generation...

Get Into Nuclear Live

Raising the profile in the nuclear industry so that the benefits of the technology are fully realised for generations to come. Direct classroom interactions are a great way to engage the next generation.

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