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Updated: May 5

There is much interest in jobs at the CNC due to the broad range of available roles, covering operations support, IT and communications, finance, HR and training roles supporting work done by CNC Police Officers.

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary jobs that are offered for police officers cover a range of 7 roles;

  1. Constables

  2. Sergeants

  3. Inspectors

  4. Dog handlers

  5. Strategic Escort Group

  6. Special Branch

  7. Firearms instructors


The Civil Nuclear Constabulary jobs that are offered for Police Staff 5 key areas;

  1. Capability

  2. IT and Communications

  3. Finance

  4. Human Resources (HR)

  5. Corporate Learning and Development

With on the job training, Civil Nuclear Constabulary jobs are spread across 12 locations across the UK, and it is their mission to deter any threat to nuclear facilities material both when in situ, storage or during transit.

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is a specialist armed police service dedicated to protecting the civil nuclear industry. The work that they do is of national importance. If you were to work in one of the available CNC jobs, you could be working with local police officers and staff at sites throughout the UK. Additionally, the training and development opportunities given to you are exceptional.

Your standard working hours are normally a 12-hour shift pattern for our officers and 37.5 hours (FTE) per week for staff. You will also be part of a culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance, which is why you would have a flexi-time and flexible working scheme.

These offer you the opportunity for part-time working and job-sharing.

On the cnc.jobs website, you can find numerous employee stories, including Donna's Story;

"Being an Inspector is a very responsible position. I enjoy that."

"I joined the CNC in 2008 as a police constable. I am now an Operational Unit Commander in charge of an operational policing unit. I lead a team of sergeants and police constables responsible for providing armed police protection to a civil nuclear facility.

Being an Inspector in charge of a team of armed police officers is a very responsible position, and I enjoy having that responsibility. I play a critical role in ensuring the high performance of the officers under my command, as well as preparing them to respond to critical incidents through training, exercises and intelligence briefings.#

However, my officers' welfare is just as crucial, and I use all my skills, knowledge, and experience to coach, mentor, and develop my team.

As an Inspector, I represent the CNC when working with the nuclear site management team, external agencies, local representatives, community groups and the local police force. In my job, I also work closely with my Divisional Command Team to ensure that my unit gets the support it needs, remains effective and contributes to constabulary strategic priorities and objectives.

Since joining the CNC in 2008, I have been allowed to gain experience in several different roles and environments. And there are still lots of opportunities open to me, but for now, I am very happy being an Operational Unit Commander. It’s so rewarding to see my officers developing and flourishing - knowing I have played a big role in their development."

The top current available jobs being advertised as of October 2020 are;

Police Constable AFO

Civil Nuclear Constabulary Sellafield

£23,001 a year

  • Our training gives our officers everything they need to become some of the country's most highly trained firearms professionals.

Project Manager

Civil Nuclear Constabulary Sellafield

  • This role is a designated project manager resource to focus on coordinating CNC’s requirements and representation of CNC’s interests as operational end…

ESMCP Project Manager

Civil Nuclear Constabulary Culham

  • To lead and deliver Emergency Services Mobile Communication Programme (ESMCP) projects and work streams through initiation, delivery, handover to ‘business as…

Experienced Firearms Constables - Home Office AFO and MDP Applicants

British Transport Police 3.5 London

  • Our Authorised Firearms Officers provide the travelling public with an evident and reassuring presence, helping to achieve our objective to increase…

Where to find jobs with the CNC

Jobs at the CNC can be found in most of the usual places when you are undertaking your get into nuclear jobs search;

  1. Energyjobline.com

  2. Indeed.com

  3. CV-Library.com

  4. jobs.getintonuclear.com

However, there is a specific niche site for Civil Nuclear Constabulary jobs which can be found at cnc.jobs which is a great place for you to start looking. They are much information on the roles available, what it is like to work for CNC. The benefits that you will receive along with training and development opportunities.

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