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Where to find jobs in the UK Nuclear Industry

The four common objections that we regularly hear regarding why people do not pursue a career in the nuclear industry are:

  1. I don't know anything about the nuclear industry

  2. I don't like the nuclear industry

  3. I don't have the skills to work in the nuclear industry

  4. I don't know where to find jobs in the nuclear industry

We are working tirelessly to answer these questions. Our mission is that although not everyone will want to pursue a career in the nuclear industry, no one should ever leave our site feeling that there is not a role available to them. 

If you are happy that you know enough about nuclear, would like to work in the industry, believe that you have the skills, then it is time to start applying for the roles. We recommend that you review our career advice included in our career hub and consider undertaking a CV Review before applying for work.

There are many places that you can apply for work in the nuclear industry. If you find this list a little daunting, that is understandable. We have provided you with a directory of the key recruiters and where they advertise their current roles in the nuclear industry. We have simplified the process by providing you with a pre-filtered job board below. 

It is also a good idea to 'google' live opportunities using our jobs search tool below. You can also check out our Nuclear Jobs of the Week posts that analyse you and guide you on your next steps to find your way to get into nuclear. 

  • General Nuclear Recruitment Sites

  • Defence Nuclear Recruitment Sites

  • Energy Nuclear Recruitment Sites

  • Decommissioning Nuclear Recruitment Sites

9,000+ Nuclear Jobs


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