10 of the best Chernobyl Memes

Updated: Apr 27

Monday 26th April 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of the largest man-made disaster in the history of the nuclear power industry. On 26th April 1986, one of the worst nuclear disasters took place. Not only did it cost Soviet huge fiscal loss, it also led to the loss of human life. On the 0-7 International Nuclear Event Scale which indicates the severity of nuclear disaster, Chernobyl’s catastrophe is rated 7.

You can find out more about where Chernobyl is located, what happened at Cherobyl, and the debated impacts following the incident in our previous post on Chernobyl.

For this post we will explore the memes that have been created and shared surrounding the Chernobyl incident.

#1 a jab at the anti-nuclear environmentalists

This is a jab at the use of the term “Chernobyl” as an anti-nuclear argument from people claiming to be environmentalists. @LoicTheStoic believes that if you truly cared about the environment, you should learn the facts about nuclear and understand it is essential to maintain a clean energy future.

#2 pre-drinks promises

An amusing observation by @scenic_depictions on commitments broken following a couple of alcoholic drinks.

#3 gaming setup

We love this from @squattingslavs. Using the Reactor 4 control room is a funny way to show a gaming setup. However, the consequences of the lacklustre approach to safety are anything but funny.

#4 management inquiry

From @hbo.Chernobyl. Everyone can relate to a time when they have been holding something back and trying to avoid the line of questioning. Dyatlov was the fall guy for the whole incident and couldn't avoid the questioning.

#5 sticking to my story

@freishmemes nicely shows the attitude towards the levels of radiation that they were dealing with.

#6 complete denial

Similar to the above, @stumurph uses the well known Drake meme to show the denial amusingly.

#7 chain of command

Taken from the HBO depiction of the Chernobyl incident, the above makes reference to the popular film, Horrible Bosses.

#8 the right men for the job

@Reddit_Memes also uses the famous Drake meme but this time in a tongue-in-cheek way to show the commitment of the society miners to help with the effort to avoid a catastrophe.

#9 memes on memes

@wellerstein shares a couple of memes commenting at his surprise that Chernobyl memes are trending.

#10 myth-busting

Finally, we love how @Gen_Atomic jumped in on the action and used the opportunity to dispel some of the myths surrounding the nuclear industry. Not many people know, and it is very rarely mentioned that the other reactors at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant continued to generate electricity up until the millennium.

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