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GetIntoNuclear.com is uniquely placed as the gateway to the nuclear industry. Our purpose is to help candidates, businesses, agencies and influencers to get into nuclear. The value that we bring through our website and day-to-day interactions provides the true value in what we do. Our relationships and partner networks allow us to bring a unique offering in the form of our products below:

  • The nuclear industry has many outstanding job opportunities.

  • The sector needs to cast a wider net to attract new, diverse talent.

  • Gain immediate access to 1.2m+ energy professionals with us.

Premium Job Posting

  • Featured on Homepage

  • Priority listing in search results

  • Company Logo

  • Listed for 30 days

  • Pay Online

Premium Job Post + Marketing Plan

  • Featured on Homepage

  • Priority listing in search results

  • Company Logo

  • Targeted HTML email to Candidate Database

  • Distribution across social networks

  • Listed for 30 days

  • Pay Online

CV / Resume Searching

  • Access the Energy Jobline Candidate Database

  • Over 1.2m Energy Professional profiles

  • 30,000+ new CV / Resumes added every month

Standard Job Posting

  • Company Logo

  • Listed for 30 days

  • Pay online

Source & Screen

  • Let Energy Jobline do the hard work and find your perfect candidate

  • Dedicated project management with over 20 years of experience in the Energy Recruitment industry

  • Multi-channel sourcing capabilities

  • Pre-screened, interview-ready shortlist of candidates

  • Multiple jobs with the same job title mean that you only pay the project fee equivalent to one role but the shortlist allows you to fill all available jobs.

  • One flat fixed fee per project

Social Promotion

  • Partner network with an audience of over 6m Energy Professionals

  • Social Media campaigns for jobs, projects, or company PR branding

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