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Sandra Little Consulting Ltd

Helping the energy sector perform better when it matters. By getting to the heart of the challenges and opportunities they face, I support them to transform their performance to protect people, safeguard the environment, and enhance their reputation.

Sandra Little Consulting Ltd

More About Us.

My 25 years’ experience spans the nuclear, regulatory, and public service sectors in both the UK and NZ, enabling organisations to adapt and excel in complex, fast changing and high-risk environments.

I have held many influencial roles including as a senior nuclear regulator, Chief Advisor to the Leadership Team of a health and safety regulatory body and as the national Disaster Recovery Lead within a central government department.

Through my leadership and influence, I have achieved transformational change at organisational and national levels. This includes implementation of legislative change mainly in relation to health and safety and emergency management, modernising regulatory risk-based practices and growing national nuclear and natural disaster emergency response and recovery capability.

With a strategic, outcome focused mind I simplify complexity and apply logic, pragmatism, and creativity to find innovative solutions to any given problem. I’m energised by bringing people together to solve problems, frame opportunities, and achieve results through collaboration and co-creation.

I can help you by providing:

Nuclear Regulatory Support:
✅Helping you navigate nuclear license conditions
✅Growing your internal regulatory capability
✅Supporting your internal oversight activities
✅Reviewing safety case related documentation

Emergency Preparedness Support
✅Reviewing your Emergency Arrangements and supporting your teams to implement improvements
✅Supporting your exercise programme including planning, assessment, debriefing and identification of lessons
✅Growing your response and recovery capability and resilience
✅Stakeholder engagement

Organisational Improvements
✅Engagement across your organisation and with external stakeholders to identify and understand the key issues and opportunities
✅Work with your people to identify pragmatic solutions and develop improvement plans
✅Lead or support your teams to implement improvements and facilitate collaboration
✅Review your governance arrangements to ensure they are focused, efficient and empower others.

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