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Learn Live New Channel

Connecting the world of work to YOU

Learn Live New Channel

More About Us.

The Learn Live News Channel works with business and individuals to promote their key messages into schools and the wider community.

Learn Live uses cutting edge technology to create virtual interactive broadcasts directly into the classroom from the comfort of the boardroom.

Schools and colleges find it easy to connect to the technology and it reduces the need to travel for businesses to reach a large number of students simultaneously.

We will be using this Company Page to highlight the projects we have working on with Network Rail, NHS, Balfour Beatty, Sellafield and Gatwick Airport along with others and to share best practice with HR Managers, CSR Managers and anybody involved with community engagement.

Before you go - we have created an email course to guide you through the process of defining your career path into the nuclear industry. Check it out: FREE Six-Steps To Get Into Nuclear

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