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Dave Polkey Associates Ltd

Simplifying the unnecessarily complicated.

Dave Polkey Associates Ltd

More About Us.

Quite simply, we help you achieve one (or more) of three big outcomes:

1. We enhance your reputation.

We help you pitch for projects in a way that not only looks good on paper but also accounts for the unique challenges of nuclear safety so that your contract is sustainable without returning to your stakeholders for re-sanctioning.

2. We set you up for success.

We cut through unnecessary complexity to make briefs clearer, safer, and more efficient; solving problems before they arise so that you achieve better and faster performance improvements.

3. We help you make the connections you need for success.

We broker alliances between small businesses in the nuclear supply chain, so you get to punch at a much higher weight. Together, your commercial value is greater than the sum of the parts.

Before you go - we have created an email course to guide you through the process of defining your career path into the nuclear industry. Check it out: FREE Six-Steps To Get Into Nuclear

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