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The Nuclear Industry provides such a wide range of services that whether you are leaving school and starting out, have just finished college/university or are looking to use your existing skills and experience in a completely new field, there are a huge range of  career paths available to you.

Leaving school? If you are looking to take your first steps into the world of work there are a variety of entry level career routes. The nuclear industry provides thousands of apprenticeships which is a fantastic career route to follow. Additionally, many employers in the nuclear industry offer training to allow you to be the best you can be in your new job, and also further learning and development to take you to the next step.


We would advice that you review the types of jobs available in the nuclear industry, decide what you are interested in, search for these at the UCAS website or the NSSG Career Pathways and consider your next steps. Any questions can be posted to

Finishing College or University? Working in the nuclear industry could be the perfect place for you to use your new skills as they provide various opportunities including career development schemes and nuclear graduate apprenticeships or the nuclear graduates scheme.

Changing careers? If you want to take your career in a new direction, there are plenty of options within the nuclear industry to Sector Jump. Whether you plan to undertake studies in a new field or use your current skills and experience to take on a different role there are plenty of new nuclear career options to choose from. Find out more about putting this into action here.

NSSG has useful tools to help you identify some nuclear career options. Make sure you watch the video case studies on the page to hear how some employees who sector jumped into a new role in the nuclear industry found their journey.

Additionally review the below pages for hints and tips in identifying your skills, gaining more from your current career and advice on which path to take.

Tendering for work in the nuclear industry? Find out how we can help you to demonstrate social value

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