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Is nuclear energy sustainable? | Envis

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The nuclear industry has an immense potential to support the UK strategy towards a low carbon future. Still, the industry needs to start accounting for its footprint with much more rigour before it can claim its NetZero position. The sector remains very resource intensive by its nature, with the manufacturing processes used to build facilities and store waste generally involving carbon-intensive methods.

While the industry is made up of certain key players who may have the capacity for in-house capabilities to manage their sustainability strategy and impact management measures, the industry’s vast supply chain made up of SMEs may not be able to afford that luxury. A key aspect of achieving sustainability for any organisation is its partnerships and supply chain. Any services or goods provided by this supply chain directly impact each organisation linked within the industry’s business network. A simple, tangible example of this is that we could all have a much lower carbon footprint, not only by buying energy from a low-carbon energy supplier but in our day-to-day, business-as-usual operations.

Nuclear energy will remain a significant energy source for the future of humanity; hence, taking action to manage its environmental impact is hugely important for its safe and secure

operation. Setting precise strategic approaches to cover all aspects of the business as part of an environmentally sustainable business model will also support the industry’s responsibility agenda and social impact.

Climate change is humanity’s most formidable challenge. Temperatures continue to rise, endangering the earth’s natural balance and increasing the risk to life on the planet. The nuclear industry can play a massive role in changing this path.

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Envis Consultancy can support you with formulating the strategy and the action plan towards achieving your sustainability targets. We can help you develop an environmental management system (EMS) to encompass your operations and assets management for continual performance enhancement and regulatory compliance. We can also integrate this EMS with any other impact management systems you may need or be currently using.

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