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5 websites to find Sellafield jobs

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Who is Sellafield Ltd?

Sellafield jobs are the roles of anyone employed by Sellafield Ltd who since 1965 has been the legal entity responsible for the safe and secure operation and clean-up of the Sellafield nuclear site.

Taken straight from their website Sellafield Ltd is responsible for ensuring that all their activities are carried out:

  • safely, securely and predictably, with due regard for the environment

  • to the satisfaction of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

  • in the long-term interests of their organisation, their employees, the local communities and their supply chain partners

What is Sellafield?

Sellafield site, close to Seascale in West Cumbria, England was originally a Royal Ordinance Factor built in 1942 and was purchased by the Ministry of Supply to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons in 1947. The site incorporated the UK’s first generation of nuclear power station in 1954 and associated fuel reprocessing facilities and AGR prototypes then part of UKAEA.

Activities now are mainly around the decommissioning of historic plants at an estimated cost of £121bn and reprocessing activities planned to end in 2021. The site is owned and operated by Sellafield Ltd which is owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and will continue to house the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) headquarters which were founded in 2008.

Sellafield Ltd also has a design office in Risley, Warrington which benefits from a larger resource pool in the North West of England and current employers of around 2,000 people.

What does Sellafield Ltd do?

From cleaning up the country’s highest nuclear risks and hazards to safeguarding nuclear fuel, materials and waste, the mission of Sellafield Ltd is of national importance.

Their purpose is to keep Sellafield safe and secure, cleaning up the site to a defined end state.

Day-to-day activities include operating the Sellafield site, which includes nuclear waste management and infrastructure management. Additionally, focusing on what Sellafield Ltd are in place to do they have created 4 value streams; Retrievals, Remediation, Spent Nuclear Fuel Management and Special Nuclear Materials.

This is a basis for a large variety of work which includes supporting the retrieving of nuclear waste stored inside legacy ponds and silos which are the highest risks and hazards at Sellafield. Cleaning up hundreds of nuclear and non-nuclear facilities and reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. Providing the facilities and expertise to provide safe, secure and appropriate storage for special nuclear materials, safely managing nuclear waste and a range of services, from an on-site laundry to a comprehensive rail network

The work requirements of Sellafield demand a wide mix of skills within their team of 11,000 employees and wider supply chain support.

Where to find Sellafield jobs?

#1 Sellafield Jobs

Join and you’ll work closely with outstanding – often world-leading – experts, receive unmatched training and develop your career as far as your ambition will take you.

At Sellafield Ltd, they require all recruits to have a minimum of three GCSEs at grade C or above in Mathematics, English and Science (or equivalent). New GCSE Grading Structure: Grade 4 and above. Many roles will need further qualifications – these requirements will be stated in the recruitment advertisement.

#2 Kellogg Brown and Root Ltd (KBR)

In 2019 Sellafield Ltd awarded a 20-year contract to four organisations implementing a new delivery model to improve project delivery through newly established long-term relationships.

The contract is known as the Programme and Project Partners (PPP) which is split into four lots; Integration, Design and Engineering, Civil Construction Management and Process Construction Management. 

KBR was awarded the Lot 1 Integration partner lot and as such is a great place to search for Sellafield jobs. KBR are a large organisation but the website is simple enough to use utilising search terms “nuclear”, “Sellafield” and “[job title]”.

#3 Jacobs

Following the acquisition of Wood by Jacobs they act as the Lot 2 Design and Engineering partner of the PPP. In addition to this Jacobs are also hold positions on some of the existing Design Services Alliance (DSA) and Operations Site Works Framework (OSW). As such they are a great source of Sellafield jobs.

#4 Morgan Sindall

As the holder of the Lot 3 Civils Construction Management partner in PPP, the Morgan Sindall jobs board is a great source of Sellafield jobs.

#5 Doosan Babcock

As the holder of Lot 4 Process Construction Management partner in PPP, the Doosan Babcock jobs board is a great source of Sellafield jobs.

#6 Get Into Nuclear

The website aims to inspire individuals and businesses to get into the nuclear industry. To support this they have created a nuclear jobs board with a focus on jobs specifically within the nuclear industry - please note that these are not “nuclear only jobs” you do not always have to have worked in the industry to find a job in the industry.

You can easily search the jobs search board directly which includes many nuclear jobs including Sellafield jobs. You can also visit the Where To Find Work In Nuclear resource on the website which covers all of the places to find work in the industry.


Get Into Nuclear

As always thanks for reading and supporting us in our aim of providing the answer to the question "so how can I get into nuclear?" to as many people as possible.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can Get Into Nuclear click on the most relevant link below: 

- Find out more about the nuclear industry in general 
- The types of jobs in the nuclear industry
- Learn more about where to find jobs in the UK nuclear industry 
- Develop a nuclear CV and job seeking strategy

Alternatively, if you are a nuclear business or nuclear employer check out our range of nuclear client services that we offer.


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