Do you like to shop? - there's a role for you in the Nuclear Industry.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The lifeblood of the UK Nuclear Industry is the ability of all of the different business to do business with each other on a daily basis. Be that from utilising the services of a local bus service to provide a park-and-ride service for a nuclear licensed site. The purchase of stainless steel for the manufacture of transport flasks or the procurement of a multi-billion pound EPC multi-year contract.

So what roles are available to you in the nuclear industry if you are interested in getting a role in procurement?

Nuclear Procurement

Buyer, Procurement Manager, Procurement Specialist, Commercial Manager, Contracts Manager. These are the roles that you will find in any job search that you undertake with the words "nuclear procurement". Even if you decipher the job title that you are interested in. One companies Contracts Manager is another companies Buyer. This is why the whole process is complicated and confusing.

The better approach is to consider what skills and experience you have. You can then hone your search on one of the jobs roles and responsibilities rather than the job titles.

The international gold standard for procurement specialists is the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) and you will see many of the more senior roles looking you to be a member with the designation MCIPS after your names. This requirement with specific experience of working within the specific job segment, e.g. nuclear submarines, nuclear cranes, EPC contract management, will put you at the front of the queue when applying for many of the senior roles.

However, the aim of GetIntoNuclear is to drag the nuclear industry into the 21st century. One of the main ways that the industry has been successful in doing is to broaden the scope of skills and experience that are accepted into the UK Nuclear Industry.

  • If you have worked in a shop and had to undertake inventory control. Then there is no reason why you cannot manage the spares strategy for a filter changing machine within a nuclear fission European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).

  • If you have undertaken a sales role in the past there is no reason why you cannot pursue a career in supply chain development. Looking to source new suppliers into the industry by introducing them to the benefits of entering a new market.

  • If you have previously completed an A-Level in IT there is no reason why you cannot embark in a career in sourcing the latest firewall software to help protect the Confidential Atomic information held by the MoD.

Nuclear Buyer

Okay, maybe we laboured on a little there... but now we have made our point. What do you want to do now?

  1. If you feel you are in a position to apply for a role today click here... to find nuclear procurement roles.

  2. If you feel you may have the skills and experience but unsure which way to go click here... for further info on the different nuclear procurement roles.

  3. If you feel that you need to up-skill and undertake some training click here... to find specific training for nuclear procurement roles.

  4. If you feel that procurement is not the role for you then click here... to find information of all of the roles available to you within the UK nuclear industry.

  5. If you really don't know where to do from here just click here... and we will provide you will a way to create a job seekers strategy. This will enable you to find the perfect role for you. Even if it is outside of the nuclear industry.

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