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Interviews in the Nuclear Industry

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

The interview phase of the nuclear recruitment is generally over two stages; firstly a more formal interview by usually HR and a Function Lead. Secondly a normally more informal second interview with the line-manager and/or project manger who you will be working with on a day-to-day to ensure that you will fit into the team, environment and culture.

Nuclear Interview

Interview Preparation

Make sure you prepare for the interview comprehensively. Do the research about the company and role, what you can bring into the organisation etc… All your interviews will focus on whether you can hit the ground running from the first day. Are you a proactive problem solver? You need to promote yourself more towards a problem solver. They will also look for your experiences in different situations and for specialised skills.

During the interview

During the interview try to be a problem solver and try to get to the bottom of why they are recruiting. Be proactive and try to close the deal - state that you only have one chance to interview so if they have any reservations you would appreciate the opportunity to cover them now.

Follow up if you did not get an answer during the interview. Send a direct LinkedIn request for the interviewer(s).

Interview Techniques
  • Make sure you demonstrate an appreciation of the nuclear employers problems and needs.

  • Explain how you are going to resolve their issues (just a few high-level explanations).

  • Demonstrate that you have dealt with these types of issues/ problems in your previous roles. Give some examples and scenarios. (Use the STAR - Situation, Task, Action, Result methodology). This is a great opportunity to showcase your transferrable skills.

  • Show your passion and motivation for the role. Explain how you going to fill their gap.

How to structure the interview
  • Discuss about the company.

  • Discuss their requirements (problem/ issues).

  • Present your solution.

  • Close out with relevant questions.

Discuss their targets and goals for this role

If you are interviewing for a project/ programme role, discuss what the ultimate goal is and what they are trying to achieve.

Ask questions all thought the interview

Ask only relevant questions to their problem (ie ask about the major challenges they are having, as about the current team, and who are the major stakeholders of the projects/ programmes are etc..)

DOs during the Contractor Interview
  1. Prepare, Prepare and Prepare for the interview.

  2. Practice what you are going to say.

  3. Show your passion, eagerness and commitment!

  4. The more interviews you attend the more experience you going to get.

  5. Arrive about 15 minutes early (if it is a conference call dial 10 minutes before the interview).

  6. Wear formal dress, take a notebook and your laptop.

  7. Show a presentation or one of your past work using your laptop.

  8. Whiteboard a solution or methodology you have experienced.

  9. Research and study about the organisation and role.

  10. Read the job specification.

  11. Investigate the interviewer through LinkedIn, are they technical or a big picture guy.

  12. If you going to be late, call the reception and pass a message to the interviewer.

  13. Try to be direct as much as possible with your answers and questions.

  14. Use real world scenarios when responding to questions.

  15. Produce and memorise your highlight list.

  16. Sleep well the night before the interview.

  17. Switch off mobile phones.

  18. Try to be a pleasant and enjoyable person.

  19. Smile and be polite.

  20. Firm (but not too firm) handshake.

  21. Good eye contact throughout the interview.

  22. First impressions count - but are not everything.

  23. Relax and be confident.

  24. Ask questions during the interview, do not wait until they ask "Do you have any questions for us?". Keep a good conversation going.

  25. Prepare 3-5 real world scenarios.

  26. Practice your competency based interview answers.

  27. Take notes during the interview.

  28. Be positive and motivated.

  29. Read and memorise your CV - it shouldn't be something you wrote 5 years ago and haven't resisted since.

  30. Be genuine and sincere.

Nuclear Interview
DON'Ts during the Contractor Interview
  1. Do not ask about the salary / rate of pay as this is not the time to raise this. It is much better to discuss your competency and the job fit for your in the first instance.

  2. Do not bad mouth previous managers and companies.

  3. Do not give too short or irrelevant answers.

  4. Do not interrupt your interviewer.

  5. Do not sit until invited.

  6. Do not show your desperation for the interview.

  7. Do not be the “yes” guy for their all problems and questions.


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