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70% of managers in the UK’s nuclear industry close to retirement

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Based on a recent blog post from the Morson Group website.

The Nuclear Skill Strategy Group (NSSG) through the Cognent skills for science industries website states that around 20% of today’s nuclear workforce will pass the age of 65 in the next ten years, providing a clear indication that we need to guard against the loss of valuable skills and knowledge as experienced workers leave the industry.

The NAMRC through the UK Government paper titled: The UK's Nuclear Future state that 70% of managers in the UK's nuclear industry are close to retirement with the average age of a nuclear engineer being 54. this coupled with the increasing demand due to the upcoming nuclear new build (NNB) programmes means that more and more experienced workers are in demand suggest the NIA.

Nuclear Construction Worker Hinkley Point C

So what's the plan? asks Morson Group

"As we know, the first resource to help meet the immediate programme is the knowledge and experience embedded in the existing workforce.

However, the balance of supply in the nuclear industry relies heavily on the time scale for nuclear new builds and how they may overlap with other programmes. Likewise, in order to prepare for the skills required, the government has devised a NSSG to develop a pipeline of skills for future demands and reduce the nuclear skills gap. This plan for the future is because some stations are ten years in the making. Not only this, but a plan has been put into place to ensure more focus on STEM subjects at a young age as well as guaranteeing support to apprenticeship schemes.

All in all, there is great emphasis on encouraging young people into the nuclear sector.

In addition, our recruiters stress the importance of transferable engineering skills. Indeed, most engineering experience in a similar industry is invaluable in the current climate. It’s up to organisations to devise resourcing plans with a range of strategies to attract and recruitment personnel from early career pipelines to experienced hires."

Want to see where you fit in and how you can get into nuclear?

Check out the Morson Group Nuclear New Build Skills Map. This map set out where you fit and how you can get into nuclear by dividing the opportunities into three tiers being:

- Tier 1: Subject Matter Experts - specialised skills gained over many years

- Tier 2: Nuclear Skills - skills specific to the nuclear sector

- Tier 3: Generic Skills - skills transferable from other industries

Go over to the site and quite it out it's quite exciting to consider the roles that are available on the first of the NNB's particularly when considering in more detail the transferable skills which further broaden the job opportunities.

Once you have had a good read of this check our 6 steps to get into nuclear pages on our site which are complimented by our nuclear careers hub.


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