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Business Opportunities in Nuclear

The nuclear sector offers a wide range of high-value contracts for many companies. This includes the ones you would expect - engineering, manufacturing, construction - but also for companies who may not consider there are opportunities for them in nuclear - marketing, administration, IT, legal services and many others.

To win work, companies must provide top-class, winning proposals. Competition in this industry is tough, and, as such, bids can be very detailed, requiring a lot of time and resources with the know-how to answer the tendering questions to set you up for success. 

Should you be successful, you will be rewarded with lucrative work and a powerful case study that you can use in future bids to win further work.

This section of the site aims to provide general advice and tips for businesses looking to compete and win contracts in the nuclear sector. We provide references to products and services that can help and remember, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Opportunities for new business

The nuclear industry offers a range of job opportunities across various sectors and is a vital component of the energy sector. Despite some misconceptions about nuclear energy, it has a low carbon footprint and has the potential to contribute significantly to global efforts to combat climate change. As a result, many countries are investing in nuclear energy as a clean and reliable power source.

The nuclear industry presents a unique opportunity for businesses to get involved in a highly specialised and regulated sector. The industry requires diverse skills and expertise, including engineering, project management, safety, and security. Moreover, the nuclear industry is a long-term investment, with many nuclear power plants and projects taking decades to complete, providing businesses with long-term revenue streams.

Furthermore, the nuclear industry is highly regulated, with strict safety and security standards. As such, businesses that operate in the nuclear industry must adhere to these standards, which can improve their safety and security practices across their entire operation.

Overall, the nuclear industry allows businesses to work in a highly specialised and regulated sector that can provide long-term revenue streams. Additionally, companies can contribute to global efforts to combat climate change by investing in nuclear energy as a clean and reliable power source.

Creating an industry that is open to all!

At Get Into Nuclear, we provide support and guidance to businesses looking to enter or expand their operations within the nuclear industry. Our extensive industry knowledge and tendering experience, combined with our partner network of subject matter experts and specialists from across the sector, make us a valuable resource for businesses that want to win work in the nuclear industry.


We offer a range of services to businesses, including tendering support, market analysis, and strategic advice. Our team of experts has extensive experience in developing winning proposals and bids, and we can guide businesses through the complex procurement process of the nuclear industry.

Our partner network is crucial for businesses looking to enter the nuclear industry. We work closely with subject matter experts and specialists from across the sector, including nuclear safety consultants, project managers, and engineers. This allows us to provide businesses with access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise they may not have otherwise been able to access.

We also offer training and development services for businesses looking to upskill their staff and improve their nuclear industry knowledge. Our training programs cover various topics, including nuclear safety, security, and project management. They are designed to help businesses build the skills and expertise they need to succeed in the industry.

Overall, Get Into Nuclear can help businesses win work in the nuclear industry through our industry knowledge, tendering experience, and partner network of subject matter experts and specialists. Whether companies want to enter the industry for the first time or expand their operations within it, we can provide the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Business Winning

A directory of companies able to help you to position yourself to win work in the nuclear industry. 

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Campaign Pitch


Mobile Phone

A business is only as good as its people. Whenever you embark on a new contract in nuclear, you will need to undergo a recruitment campaign to meet the project's demands. 

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Nuclear Event of the Week

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It is so important that any business gets its marketing and branding right. This is ever true when entering a new market. Find out all about Marketing, Social Media, Events, Advertising and Podcasts in the nuclear industry.

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Social Value

Volunteers Lifting Construction Frame

Discover how the nuclear industry can create a positive social impact as part of its day-to-day delivery.

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  • Find volunteers and initiatives to support

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