Why Becoming Steve Jobs Is A Must Read For Job Seekers

The book Becoming Steve Jobs written by Rick Tetzeli and Brent Schlender breaks down the conventional, one-dimensional view of Steve Jobs that he was half-genius, half-jerk from youth, an irascible and selfish leader who slighted friends and family alike. Becoming Steve Jobs answers the central questions about your life and your career as you proceed on your journey of finding a new job.

“Above all, saying no became a crucial way of keeping everyone, including himself, focused on what really mattered,” writes Brent Schlender in Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader, a must-add to entrepreneurs’ summer reading lists.

When the pioneering Apple CEO said no to an idea—like the time he mused, in 2003, that people wouldn’t even buy the “Second Coming in a subscription model”—he was often just swatting away distractions.

While Apple Music isn’t #1 in streaming music today, Jobs completely upended the way we consume media. He knew there could never be a Spotify without an iTunes.