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Nuclear Jobs Live

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We are excited to announce that in partnership with Learn Live UK and their platform Jobs Live, we can bring a way to educate, inspire, and connect UK nuclear businesses with a new and diverse candidate pool. We do this using the career stories of your employees and your upcoming opportunities presented via articles, social media and live broadcasts directly to home, classroom or business.

It is straightforward to do on your end with us undertaking the project management, monitoring and reporting of the campaign. You provide one interview about your company, an employees career story and an overview of the live or upcoming opportunities that you are bringing to market.

Our unique combination of content, social media, and live video marketing combined with the unique JobsLive chat facility, and Get Into Nuclear niche job board, provides a unique opportunity to attract a genuinely diverse candidate base creating a nuclear industry that is fully inclusive.

Get in touch to arrange an interview so we can find out more about your company, the types of people you are looking for and what advice you can give job seekers. Please email us at or visit our contact us page.


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