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Nuclear Jobs by Function

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Following completion of Step 3 in which you learned more about the nuclear industry you are now ready for Step 4. This Step is not just about you learning about the different job descriptions and requirements - although that is important. In Step 4 we also provide you with some hacks to help you in your endeavour of getting into nuclear. These include increasing the speed in which you can absorb information; hints and tips on your diet and keeping your energy levels raised. We also provide the job descriptions themselves and how to where to look.

Nuclear Jobs By Function

Okay, before jumping onto job search sites and throwing your CV at the wall hoping it will stick it is important that you understand not only the roles available to you but the skills, the qualifications and experience required for you to land your perfect role within the UK Nuclear Industry. 

To be successful in finding that perfect role you need to demonstrate that you are a Suitably Qualified and Experienced Person (SQEP) - you'll hear that term used a lot.


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