How Did You Get Into Nuclear? - I have never looked back

Updated: Mar 3

Mike Orton

Deputy Team Lead


I joined EASL in 2014 as a Graduate Engineer after studying Mechanical Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University. Since then, I have evolved professionally having been promoted to deputy team lead.

I chose to become an Engineer as I always enjoyed and excelled in Maths and problem solving. My main focus as an engineer is high temperature assessments of structures, boiler closure units and boiler tubes work.

I find working at EASL really fulfilling; the engineering tasks can vary significantly providing a great opportunity to advance in many technical areas and the working environment is friendly and supportive which makes the day to day work more enjoyable.

After completing a placement year at EASL, a well-established engineering consultancy that specialises in structural engineering analysis for the nuclear sector, I was certain that I wanted to remain in the nuclear industry. I enjoyed my placement thoroughly as well as all the tasks and projects I worked on throughout the whole year. Probably the most remarkable point is that six years later I haven’t had one day when I have looked back.

I feel what I do daily, has a positive impact on the environment and on providing net zero energy safely to many of us. It gives me a great sense of purpose and motivates me to continue contributing and working towards this vision.

I’d suggest becoming an engineer to anyone who enjoys working within a team, in different tasks I am involved and sharing knowledge with other engineers and colleagues.