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4 Unique Social Media Marketing Tactics That Can Be Employed In The UK Nuclear Industry

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Once you are ready to take your brand out there and spread the word, the benefits of promoting your own unique brand through social media can be vital when it comes to boosting your brand success. Growing your community in a thoughtful way can only affect your success in a positive way, or even become a governing factor in your unfolding story. However, there are some dos and don’ts you should keep an eye on before you leap into action, so let’s see a few paragraphs from the book of Social Media Alchemy.

1) Prepare, Plan, Deliver, Repeat Consciously plan your moves to promote your brand successfully. Take into account your own brand identity, analyse the key features of it, and those that help to give your customers a memorable experience. Based on those come up with a plan for promotion. Before launching up your campaign it’s highly recommended to spend some time in the lab instead of throwing stuff out there randomly, keeping your fingers crossed. Instead, prepare your steps before you make your initial move.

2) Quality, Quantity, and a Question Always use quality content for promotional purposes and ride the waves generated by trending topics. While doing so, keep an eye on the amount of promotional content you are sharing: instead of putting an overwhelming amount of content out there in a short time, focus on creating a steady flow to acquire a general presence. Also, ask yourself the question: which platform can be the most suitable for my brand and content? Try to focus on one of them primarily and don’t try to tame all of them at once. Once again, build up gradually to become a social media master.

3) Your Brand, Your People Make sure your profile and activity are matching your own brand identity. Go for the small aspects to convey your message, like colors, font styles, logos and choose such topics for content creation that fascinate your community. Once you start sharing some engaging, quality content, your community can start to grow. Make them feel that they are part of your story. Share a bit of an insider information on your team, let them know you and your team members, help them to connect more easily.

4) Get Back to the Lab You are doing great! Time to get back to the lab. Besides taking advantage of the toolset offered by Google Analytics, lookup tools that can help you achieve the success you are after. By providing in-depth analysis, ways to handle more platforms at once, or to help you increase your shareability (Hootsuite, PostPlanner etc.), these tools can be a game changer. Monitor your metrics constantly and prepare your next move accordingly and don’t forget to Prepare, Plan, Deliver and Repeat.


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