The Young Generation Network (YGN)

Updated: Jan 5

-  Any member of the NI under the age of 37 becomes part of the Young Generation Network
-  The vision of the YGN is "inspiring opportunities for young nuclear professionals".
-  The YGN aims to encourage, develop and engage with people interested and associated with the nuclear industry.

The NI YGN Committee 2021

What is the Young Generation Network (YGN)?

Any member of the Nuclear Institute under the age of 37 becomes part of the Young Generation Network. The YGN is a lively network who work to inspire and engage young people by showcasing the opportunities within the nuclear sector. The YGN also supports those in their early career with opportunities to learn more about the wider sector and meet with industrial leading professionals.

The NI YGN strategy above provides an overview of their key themes of focus.

#1 The Young Generation Network aims to encourage people to want to start a career in nuclear. They do this by helping to improve the understanding of nuclear.

#2 The Young Generation Network helps to develop the personal and professional qualities of YGN members. The ultimate aim is for them to progress to full membership with the Nuclear Institute.

#3 The Young Generation Network aims to engage with people by advocating for nuclear technologies and dispelling the myths around the industry.

For more information or to sign up to the YGN newsletter please visit the YGN webpage or contact

The Nuclear Institute (NI)?

The Nuclear Institute (NI) is the Professional Body and Learned Society for the Nuclear Sector in the UK, offering routes to professional registration with the Engineering and Science Councils and the Society for the Environment. Membership of the NI is open to all with various membership grades from affiliate membership for those with an interest in the industry which is great for students, to full membership achieved by demonstrating nuclear professionalism against the nuclear delta.

Head on over to the NI website to find out more about the Nuclear Institute and how you can become a member.

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