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There are 7 principles that really matter when you build your social-media content.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

A house built on weak foundations will fall, and the same is true of your social-media content.

#1 authenticity. People can always smell a fake, so don’t disrespect your audience. Be real.

You also need to be #2 passionate. Whether for the nuclear sector, your product, the environment, the clean energy mix or the process of being an entrepreneur in your particular function – it’s also your passion that will keep you going when things get tough.

Phil Craig, MD DSRL, is clearly being genuine and passionate here.

#3 Patience is a virtue, goes the old saying. And it’s true here – building something new is going to take time. you need to accept that.

What else? #4 Hard work. If you want to raise your nuclear companies profile you don’t have time to spend on your lunch break watching funny videos on YouTube, or your evenings bingeing Game Of Thrones. Get on Twitter and make some connections!

Although the nuclear industry doesn’t always the world is moving fast, so you need to #5 pay attention, and #6 move with speed. What are the latest trends? Is there a new platform you should be on? - Sellafield Ltd have started an Instagram page; have you? Look forward and don’t waste time.

Finally, you need the right #7 intent. All great endeavours have one thing in common: they’re not only in it for the money. It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. All the best influencers and entrepreneurs online are altruistic. They are driven by providing service and value, and they love teaching and helping others. Listen to Jenna Soard, founder of a brand-advisory service called You Can Brand. She says her “truest love is watching the ‘ahas’ go off in people’s minds” as she helps them solve a problem.

When your intent is self-interested, customers won’t tell others to come find out more and buy from you, and they won’t come back.

So centre your activities around selfless values. Think about what you can give and how you can help. That’s the only sustainable way to be a success in the long run. And it feels good too!


All of the above can be implemented by any organisation or individual and we recommend that this is the way that you approach it. Due to the ever-changing minefield that is digital marketing, it may be beneficial for you to be able to pick the brains of social media and internet marketing leaders.

Through our contacts at Get Into Nuclear we have created a one-day, fully immersive digital consulting session led by the most senior leadership of their companies working in branding social media management and the nuclear industry.

You can find out more on our Nuclear Launchpad Services Page.


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