Sizewell C

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

What is Sizewell C?

Sizewell C is a Nuclear Power Plant that is proposed to be built on the Suffolk coast by EDF Energy. The proposed Sizewell C site sits alongside two EDF Energy nuclear power stations, one continue in operation and one which has been retired from service. Should EDF Energy receive the necessary consents it will be the second nuclear station built in the UK using European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) technology.

-  Sizewell C is proposed to be the next Nuclear Power Plant to be built in the UK by EDF on the coast of Suffolk.
-  Nuclear Energy is Clean Energy.
-  Sizewell C would provide 25,000 jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships.
-  Sizewell C would provide low-carbon electricity for around 6 million British homes.

EPR technology that will power Hinkley Point C & Sizewell C

9 Ways Sizewell C Could Support the Green Recovery

We need nuclear power to fight climate change

Nuclear, alongside renewables, provides a huge amount of clean, reliable power throughout the year. Sizewell C would utilise a nuclear fission reactor design.

Sizewell C would provide thousands of British jobs

The project would create 25,000 job opportunities and hundreds of apprenticeships.

A British company funded by British investors

Sizewell C would aim to be majority owned by British investors and use a bespoke UK version of European technology.

Home grown energy would reduce our imports of electricity and gas

Once operational, Sizewell C would provide low-carbon electricity for around 6 million British homes.

Huge economic benefits to Suffolk and the rest of Britain

The project would provide £125m per year to the region during construction and up to 70% of the construction value would go to British companies.

Sensitive to the rich, local environment on the Suffolk coast

Sizewell C will build on EDF’s great track record of environmental protection.

Nuclear is one of the safest ways to produce energy

Nuclear has a similar safety record to renewables and is much safer than coal, gas or oil.

The design is a replica of Hinkley Point C in Somerset

This means Sizewell C would be cheaper to build and finance. It would gain from efficiencies and innovation at Hinkley Point C.

Paving the way for further innovation in the nuclear industry

Sizewell C would help secure the future of the nuclear supply chain and could pave the way for other clean technologies like SMRs and hydrogen.