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Nuclear Workforce Assessment will develop an understanding of future needs

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The Nuclear Workforce Assessment (NWA) is the UK nuclear sector's bi-annual forecast of skills supply and demand across the entire nuclear sector including new build, operations, decommissioning, research and defence activities. Sponsored entirely by NSSG members, it is used to underpin the sector's workforce planning.

The NSSG recognises the importance of mapping both demand for conventional reactor designs, alongside the skills requirements for future nuclear technologies (such as advanced modular reactors – AMRs), so that we build a comprehensive picture the industry can use to undertake robust workforce planning.

Following the announcements made by Toshiba/Westinghouse and Hitachi, NSSG work continues to develop an understanding of the impact of alternative timelines for conventional new build.  

This wide-ranging data supports the NSSG's programme of activity across all strands of the People dimension of the Nuclear Sector Deal, as well as employer decisions around investment in training and apprenticeships. It also helps education providers to plan and build capacity and capability where it is needed.

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