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Never stop learning! - Iain Coucher - CEO AWE

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

From the website of the Atomic Weapons Establishment

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Iain Coucher, CEO, talks about why it is important for companies and individuals to continue learning.

“I am incredibly humbled to accept an honorary doctorate from Cranfield University. This is recognition of the 5,500 women and men of AWE who are proud of their role in supporting the defence of the nation.

AWE is blessed with some of the most gifted, talented and committed people that I have ever had the privilege of working with. For nearly seventy years, AWE has been at the forefront of nuclear weapons research and development, supporting the UK’s programme of continuous at sea deterrence.

It was also hugely uplifting to see so many (about 250) people of different ages, backgrounds, gender, ethnicity be rewarded for their commitment to furthering their academic qualifications and continuing education. Studying for anything is always a challenge – doing this with demanding professional and personal commitments elsewhere makes it even more so.

And yet the benefits are enormous. Many of the jobs today did not exist just a few decades ago… and the pace of change is only going to accelerate.

Keeping professional qualifications current will be increasingly important to the success of companies and to individual careers. That’s why AWE champions technical skills education for people of all ages, from our educational outreach in schools, to our graduate placements, to our ongoing training and development opportunities available to all employees.”

Find out more about how AWE are a team of remarkable people achieving extraordinary things, with some of the most advanced research and production facilities in the world to deliver nuclear warheads for the UK's deterrent, and use their expertise to support national security.

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