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A Leader Must Lead By Example

A few thoughts on what it means to be a successful leader:

True leaders don’t just take responsibility for themselves but responsibility for the team as a whole.

Get Into Nuclear - Lead by Example

If you want to be a leader you cannot blame your staff, you need to look at yourself.

  • "Did I fully explain to the team why they were doing a particular task and where it fits into the overall mission statement and success criteria of the business?"

  • "Did I consider and take responsibility for the identification and implementation of any training and coaching that was needed to enable the team to successfully deliver?"

  • "Did I carry an individual who was continually underperforming and avoid the awkward conversation failing to see the greater good?"

The leader of any successful team needs to lead from the front as the success or failure is all on the ability of the leader to effectively lead their team. Taking full responsibility at the end of the day is not always easy to do. If somebody failed to deliver you explain that you failed as a leader to clearly explain what they needed to do. People will always respect you for doing this and take ownership themselves for their own actions.

Get Into Nuclear - Lead by Example

Additionally, a leader does not take the credit for any success but puts any accolades back onto his/her team. This will resonate through to the rest of the team and enable you to create a very high performing group of individuals who will expect and demand of each other excellence.

In the long term you cannot make anybody do anything they don’t want to do. You need to lead them whilst giving them the freedom to choose and to trust that they will do the right thing for the greater good of the team. This style of leadership grows a culture of total ownership and total accountability throughout the team.

Building on this and on the foundation that there is no such thing as a bad team only a bad leader. Good leaders don’t make any excuses but figure out how to get it done. A leader concentrates on winning and sets high expectations and standards of the rest of the team.

Get Into Nuclear - Lead by Example

Good leadership is contagious and will continue even when the leader isn’t around. Regular exceptional performance becomes a habit and is expected and demanded between each of team members.


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