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Together, we can beat the climate crisis. Together, we can help Britain achieve net zero.


More About Us.

Funny isn’t it, a big energy company talking about saving the planet?

Everyone’s talking the talk these days. As Britain’s biggest generator of low-carbon electricity, we’re not just talking about it, we’re doing something about it.

That’s the EDF difference.

From our customer service agents to our engineers, our scientists to our smart meter installers, every single one of us is 100% committed to reducing the UK’s carbon emissions to nothing, nada, net-zero.

We’re generating the right mix of low carbon electricity to power the nation today and building the low carbon infrastructure Britain will need tomorrow.

From turbines to tariffs, electric cars to electric heating, we’re busy doing everything we can to help Britain achieve net-zero.

Make us part of your low carbon lifestyle and together we can help Britain achieve net-zero.

Before you go - we have created an email course to guide you through the process of defining your career path into the nuclear industry. Check it out: FREE Six-Steps To Get Into Nuclear

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