Why Partner With Us?

Key Takeaways:

>  We raise your company's profile attracting a new, diverse talent pool. (DEI)

>  We help to raise the profile of the whole nuclear industry. (social value)

>  We are creating an industry where all are invited to get into nuclear. (social mobility)

>  We work collaboratively as part of your social impact strategy. (social value)

>  You help us to create positive social impact case studies. (social value)

>  Our basic package is fractions of a tender or marketing budget. (cheap as chips)

Our Sales Pitch

We work on the mantra that, 

"Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do."

Initially, we considered working under a sponsorship model, in which nuclear companies would sponsor our endeavour to build an organisation to help support the whole industry in building the nuclear workforce and supply chain of the future as it was the right thing to do.

However, we felt that we could better serve nuclear businesses by employing a subscription model, which will help justify the investment from a Board and Shareholder perspective and form a clear part of a company's Social Impact Strategy. We provide a commitment to support your business, you help to support the whole industry and together we do the right thing.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help with internal discussions on whether you would like to work with Get Into Nuclear. 

What does this mean for us as a Nuclear Employer?

Working with Get Into Nuclear provides you with the opportunity to;

  • Raise the profile of your company,

  • Attract new, diverse talent,

  • Provide social mobility

  • Provide support to the whole industry

  • Attract and work with a fresh supply chain,

  • Support targeted campaigns,

  • Implement within your social impact strategy, and

  • Build social impact case studies.

What is it exactly that you do?

Get Into Nuclear provides a website that offers all that you need to get into nuclear- regardless of whether you are looking for a job, a company looking to grow your business, an agency looking to explore the opportunities in nuclear or an influencer looking to specialise in nuclear.

We do this by answering the four main objections to working with the nuclear industry:

#1 We do not know about the opportunities in the nuclear industry?

We are advocates of the nuclear industry and do what we can to raise its profile at every opportunity. We help increase the nuclear industry profile using our website at getintonuclear.com and our social media channels.


We have recently brought on creatives' services currently working on developing informational videos for YouTube, Vimeo and other mediums. 


#2 We do not like the nuclear industry, isn't it dangerous?

There is a mountain of evidence to support nuclear energy as part of a sustainable energy mix. As part of the work that we are doing, our messaging provides a positive perspective of the industry.


Although we are nuclear advocates, we are not biased but because the facts speak for themselves. Nuclear Energy is clean, sustainable, requires minimal land usage, with minimal and manageable by-products. We continue to dispel the myths around the nuclear industry that has gone unrebutted for too long. 

#3 We are not aware of nuclear opportunities. Isn't it for Phds wearing lab coats?

We have a full Nuclear Career Hub that provides a plethora of information on the variety of roles available in the nuclear industry.


Our website's backbone is our How Did You Get Into Nuclear articles, which help humanise the sector by putting faces and real stories behind the people working in the nuclear facilities. Furthermore, we provide actionable advice to re-skill and up-skill and guidance on producing a skill-based CV for the job seekers who can use their transferrable skills to benefit the nuclear industry.


The majority of our site visitors are either just about to leave college or university and seek career advice or experienced workers from other industries looking at how they can get into nuclear.

#4 We do not know where to look to find work in the nuclear industry?

Our integration of all nuclear jobs continues to be a work in progress. There are hundreds of thousands of nuclear jobs around the world at any one time. We have focussed initially on the UK, purely as this is our country of origin.


We have created a niche nuclear jobs board available to nuclear companies on a subscription basis. Separately we have created a directory of job boards in which candidate can find nuclear jobs. We are currently in the middle of updating this list and trying to form an aggregator job board that covers many of the nuclear industry jobs.


Our aim here is to make finding nuclear jobs as easy as possible.

If we chose to work with you, how would it work?

We are here to make your life as simple as possible ;

  • company profile on our website linking to yours

  • 3x career profile articles across the year

  • weekly post on our social media channels about your recent news/vacancies

  • research to create engaging content

  • evidence of outcomes in case study format

  • job board advertisements

  • communications plan distributed via our mailing list and social media platform

Who would need to be involved?

We can manage everything on your behalf. All we would need from you is support from the people providing their career stories and a way to access your current vacancies (XML, Broadbean, or others).


Your marketing/tendering/recruitment teams can choose how involved they would like to be in the production of your weekly dedicated social media posts, the review monthly performance metrics and social value case studies. 

How much money will it cost us?

We aim to keep this as simple as possible without the confusion of numerous invoices. We want to spend our time building an organisation to raise the industry's profile and ultimately help people get into nuclear. That being said, we understand that the requirements of each business are different, so always happy to discuss specific requirements if necessary.

Our basic package is an annual £2,500 +VAT subscription model, which includes;

  • Company profile on our website - free

  • 3x career profile articles across the year - 1 free, 2 value of £180

  • Weekly post on our social media channels about your recent news stories/job vacancies - a value of £2,500

  • Research to create engaging content - value inc. above

  • 1x evidence of outcomes in case study format - social value

  • Unlimited job board advertisements - value £2,000

  • Communications plan distributed via our mailing list and social media platform - value inc. above

Further Info

If you have any further queries that those above, or would like a proposal put together for your business, or if you have read enough and want to get the ball rolling, please contact us below:

Thanks for contacting us, we will respond shortly.