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National Skills Academy, Nuclear (NSAN)

Who are we?

NSAN is a membership organisation that also operates a commercial arm offering consultancy support to organisations. We are led by nuclear sector employers, from both civil and defence, to provide valuable, cost-effective and practical skills solutions and guidance to organisations large and small.

Let’s talk freely, these are challenging times being faced by the UK nuclear industry, if you are feeling stretched, you are not alone. Attracting, retaining and developing a productive workforce is key for sustaining business growth, but in demanding times you need to make sure that your people and operations are delivering best value for your organisation in line with your broader business objectives. We can help you!

Whether you are an organisation that is new to nuclear, or you have been working in nuclear for a long time, NSAN has the expertise and capability to make a difference to your organisation.

What do we do?

NSAN is not solely dedicated to nuclear skills, our focus is on all skills for nuclear. Everything we do is specifically developed with the UK nuclear industry in mind, from our cyber security courses to Nuclear Site Licence training – we live and breathe the skills needed in the whole of the UK nuclear industry.

We enable the nuclear industry to connect, share and engage, solve problems and create opportunities together.

We do this through our Regional Steering Groups, Provider and Employer Advisory Boards, focussed working groups, Dynamic Panels and events. We work with industry to provide a supportive environment for companies working in the nuclear sector to collaborate, innovate and develop fit for purpose solutions that benefit the industry.

We take action on skills for nuclear, providing a collective operational voice into government on how skills initiatives are working for you.

With membership you will also gain one-to-one support through a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be available to help with ad hoc skills requirements, advice and guidance – basically, whatever your skills related problem or question, we will work with you to find the best solution for your organisation.

Some of our products and services are available to purchase without membership. But, in all honesty, you will get so much more from the relationship that membership provides. For more information about the benefits that NSAN can bring to your business contact us.

If your company needs additional support, for a particular project or short-term business need, NSAN provides an exemplary consultancy service at a competitive price. Our offer rivals that of larger, multi-sector consulting organisations, in terms of our breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the nuclear industry and professional business expertise.

And lastly, we are a not for profit organisation – but we are not for loss either. NSAN uses the finances gained from membership and product sales to further develop solutions required by industry. We are a lean organisation that lives and breathes skills for nuclear.

Our priority is supporting, developing and providing quality skills solutions and services that benefit you.

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